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Halim 2012

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66 Years Tentara Nasional Indonesia-Angkatan Udara
Airforce Anniversary
Date: 3-9 April 2012
Every year, the Indonesian Air Force, or Angkatan Udara, celebrates its anniversary on 9 April. This year was no exception…but not quite. For the first time a public day was organized on Sunday 8 April, and Indonesian spotters and photographers were allowed on base to see the rehearsals during two days in the preceding week. This arrangement was announced a few weeks before the event. It seems that a few foreigners were also present, but it is clear that Intel had a heavy hand in the proceedings. On the public Sunday all fighters had covers over their canopies during public access to the ramp. However, the afternoon flying made up for that. On Sunday, foreigners had problems getting in and Intel seemed to have prohibited photography by them. Online publication of pictures was again limited, and no list of serials could be obtained from our contacts. However, we compiled an almost complete list and present it below. All-in-all we see a positive change of attitude and this is definitely an event to keep in mind. On 5 October, a similar show is expected for 67 years TNI.
TL-0113 Hawk 109 SkU.1  
TT-0221, TT-0223 (%) Hawk 209 SkU.1  
TT-0229, TT-0234 (%) Hawk 209 SkU.1  
TS-1605, TS-1606 F-16A SkU.3  
TS-1609, TS-1611 F-16A SkU.3  
TS-1612 F-16A SkU.3  
TS-1602, TS-1603 F-16B SkU.3  
TS-2703, TS-2704 Su-27SKM SkU.11  
TS-2705 Su-27SKM SkU.11  
TS-3002, TS-3003 Su-30MK2 SkU.11  
TS-3004 Su-30MK2 SkU.11  
TL-0101, TL-0102 Hawk 109 SkU.12  
TT-0209, TT-0213 (@) +1 Hawk 209 SkU.12  
A-2706 F27-400M SkU.2  
A-2302 (#) CN235-100M SkU.2  
1x CN235-MPA    
L-1801, L-1802 Ce172 AAU FASI ramp
A-2307 Pa-23 FASI stored FASI ramp
LD-3481, LD-3482 T-34A FASI stored FASI ramp
AF-4775 C-47A FASI stored, as RI-001
AF-4776 C-47A FASI stored, “Den Bey”
% = grey camo, @ = blue camo, # = new camo
flypast from Bandung
A-2104 (#) NC212M-200 SkU.4  
AI-7301, AI-7302 B737-2X9 SkU.5  
A-7304 B737-2Q8 SkU.17  
A-1318 ($) C-130H-30 SkU.31  
9x C-130    
A-1310 KC-130B SkU.32  
A-1328 (#) L100-30 SkU.31  
LD-0101, LD-0105 KT-1B WP.1 Team Jupiter
LD-0106, LD-0108 KT-1B WP.1 Team Jupiter
LD-0109, LD-0110 KT-1B WP.1 Team Jupiter
LD-0111, LD-0112 KT-1B WP.1 Team Jupiter
LD-3405, LD-3412 T-34C WP.1  
LD-3420, LD-3423 +2 T-34C WP.1  
H-3211 (#), H-3214 NAS332TT SkU.6  
HL-1203, HL-1206 EC-120B SkU.7  
HL-1210 + 3 EC-120B SkU.7  
H-3206 NAS332L1-VIP SkU.45  
$ = high-viz camo


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