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Halim 2023

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Halim-Perdanakusuma (Indonesia)

TNI-AU 77th Anniversary parade (HUT Ke-77)

9 April 2023

Formation 1 [2]
2x NAS332/H225M SkU8 With Indonesian and Air Force flags, possibly the same two as the CSAR demo?
Formation 2 [4]
A-2104, A-2108, A-2111 NC212-200M SkU4  
A-2112 NC212i SkU4  
Formation 3 [4]
A-2901, A-2903, A-2910 CN295M SkU2  
AI-2317 CN235-220MPA SkU27  
Formation 4 [6]
TT-3102, TT-3104, TT-3105 A-29 (EMB-314E) SkU21  
TT-3109, TT-3110, TT-3112 A-29 (EMB-314E) SkU21  
TT-3114, TT-3115, TT-3116 A-29 (EMB-314E) SkU21 Six of these flew the actual parade.
Formation 5 [9]
A-1314, A-1320, A-1341 C-130H-30 SkU31  
A-1315, A-1326, A-1328 C-130H, 2x L-100-30 SkU32  
A-1331, A-1332, A-1336 C-130H SkU33  
A-1308 C-130B SkU32 Spare at Bandung.
Formation 6 [5]
AI-7303, AI-7304 B737-200 SkU5  
A-7305 B737-4U3 SkU17  
A-0707 Falcon 7X SkU17  
A-0808 Falcon 8X SkU17  
Formation 7 [14]
TS-1605, TS-1609 F-16A SkU3  
TS-1601, TS-1602 F-16B SkU3  
TS-1636 F-16C SkU3  
TS-1634, TS-1637, TS-1641 F-16C SkU14  
TS-1626, TS-1631, TS-1633 F-16C SkU16  
TS-1621, TS-1628, TS-1629 F-16C nn  
TS-1622, TS-1623 +1 F-16D SkU16 With fourteen of these F-16s, a formation depicting '77' was flown.
Formation 8 [4]
TS-2701 Su-27SK SkU14  
TS-3001, TS-3004, TS- 3005 Su-30MK2 SkU11 They ended the parade-part of the show performing a bomb burst with flares.
Air combat display
TT-5001, TT-5003 T-50i SkU15  
TT-5012, TT-5013, TT-5014 T-50i SkU15 After chasing an F-16 in a mock dog fight, some T-50s performed a base-attack. These five were based at Halim for this.
Tactical demo
HL-1205 EC120B SkU7 The chopper dropped commandos on top of a driving bus to free hostages.
Base attack
... by A-29s SkU21  
CSAR demo
H-3211 NAS332C1 SkU6  
HT-7205 H225M SkU8  
Dynamic Pegagus aerobatic team
HL-1203, HL-1204 +2 EC120B SkU7  
Jupiter aerobatic team
LL-0106, LL-0108, LL-0110 KT-1 SkaDik102  
LL-0112, LL-0115, LL-0116 +1 KT-1 SkaDik102 These were present at Halim on 9 April.

Credits: Various internet sources, Erwin van Dijkman

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