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Semarang/Ahmad Yani 2019

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Semarang/Ahmad Yani (Indonesia)

60th anniversary of Army Aviation

9-10 November 2019

HS-7211 AH-64E SkUAD11  
HS-7213 AH-64E SkUAD11  
HS-7201 AS550C3+ SkUAD12  
HS-7204 AS555AP SkUAD13  
HA-5077 Bell 205A-1 SkUAD11  
HA-5124 Bell 205A-1 SkUAD11  
HA-5125 Bell 205A-1 SkUAD11  
HA-5103 NB412S SkUAD11  
HA-5115 NB412HP SkUAD11  
HA-5128 NB412HP Pus. Pend. Penerbad  
HS-7107 NBo105CB4 SkUAD11  
HS-...8 NBo105    
A-9144 NC212-200M SkUAD21  
HL-4151 EC120B Pus. Pend. Penerbad  
HL-4150 EC120B Pus. Pend. Penerbad  
HA-5143 Mi-17V-5 SkUAD31  
HS-7129 Mi-35P SkUAD31  
HS-7152 Mi-35P SkUAD31  
HL-4194 S300C Sekolah Penerbang  
HL-4195 S300C Sekolah Penerbang  
HL-4217 S300C Sekolah Penerbang  
HL-4221 S300C Sekolah Penerbang  
HL-4223 S300C Sekolah Penerbang  
PK-PCT NC212-200 Pelita Air Service  
Flying only:
1x AS555    
2x Bell 412    
1x NB105    
HL-4218 S300C Sekolah Penerbang  
HL-4220 S300C Sekolah Penerbang  
HL-4222 +1 S300C Sekolah Penerbang  

This was an open day to celebrate 60 years of army aviation 60-Ke Penerbad). All identities were gleaned from Instagram photographs and all units are assumed. It seems some of the Huey-models changed between the days (flying/static).

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