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Aviano 1978

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Date: 2 July 1978

Made by: Eric Tammer

Updated: &bnsp;

BT 76-128  		F15B  		26TFW  
SP 66-7733 	        F4D  		52TFW  
UH 68-041  	        F111E  		20TFW  
01534  		        F5E  		527TFTS
14674  		        OV10A  		601TCW 
60195                   C141A  		437MAW 
40450                   C130E  		435TAW 
24461                   T39A  		58MAS  
159302 AA401  	        A7E  		VA81   
159298 AA300  	        A7E  		VA83   
158797 AA502  	        A6E  		VA85   
146455 17  	        EA3B  		VQ2    
WJ815  		        Canb PR7  	13sq   
BD14  		        Mir5BD                 
51-12 MM6931  	        F104S  		2gr    
8-12 MM6453 	        G91Y  		101gr  
I (red)  	        Saab105  	AustrAF
EI804 MM80826  	        CH47C                  
EI626 MM80894  	        AB206                  
EI330 MM80701  	        AB205                  

35+36, 35+37  		RF4E  		AKG52  
35+65, 35+72  	        RF4E  		AKG52  
G (yellow)  	        Saab105  	AustrAF
UH 68-077  	        F111E  		20TFW  
104815, 104843	        CF104                  
104880, 104749	        CF104                  
104776  	        CF104                  
40555  		        MC130E  	7SOS   
EI299 MM80851  	        AB205                  
I-NINE MM589  	        MB339                  
B (bl), E (bl)          Saab105  	Karo-As
F (bl), J (bl)          Saab105  	Karo-As
BT  6-014  	        F15C  		36TFW  
MM62109  	        G222                   

Other a/c on the field:
SA27 MM6327  		G91T 
RM76 MM61886  	        P166 
31-13 MM62013  	        DC9  
RM32 MM61968  	        S208 
2-40  		        G91R 
EI601 MM80869  	        AB204
104868  	        CF104
RM115 MM80332  	        AB204
75  		        MB326

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