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Cameri 1988

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Date: 10 July 1988

Made by: Ben Uffen


188730  		CF18A   		1CAG      
68-0459/NJ              F4E                     141TFS    
68-0533/NJ              F4E                     141TFS    
84-0004/BT              F15C                    nb        
67-0123/UH              F111E                   79TFS     
68-0052/UH              F111E                   79TFS     
68-0053/UH              F111E                   79TFS     
68-0072/UH              F111E                   79TFS     
FA-72                   F16A                    31sm      
FA-74                   F16A                    31sm      
3/12-YJ 	        Mirage F1C              EC1/12    
39/330-AH               Mirage 2000C            CEAM      
MM54474/2               MB339A  	        Frecce T. 
MM54475/3               MB339A                  Frecce T. 
MM54477/4               MB339A                  Frecce T. 
MM54478/5               MB339A                  Frecce T. 
MM54481/1               MB339A                  Frecce T. 
MM54483/8               MB339A                  Frecce T. 
MM54485/7               MB339A                  Frecce T. 
MM54536/9               MB339A                  Frecce T. 
MM54537/0               MB339A                  Frecce T. 
MM54551/6               MB339A                  Frecce T. 
MM54552/10              MB339A                  Frecce T. 
MM80257/53-95           AB47J-3                 Museo     
MM81155/50              AB212A                  nn        
MM81157/45              AB212A                  nn        
MM81216/51-83           AB212A                  51°Stormo 
MM6504/53-21            F104G                   Preserved 
MM6729/53-02            F104S                   53°Stormo 
MM6805/53-10            F104S                   53°Stormo 
MM6825/53-06            F104S                   53°Stormo 
MM6873/53-14            F104S                   53°Stormo 
MM6943/53-16            F104S                   53°Stormo 
MM54233/4-30            TF104G                  4°Stormo  
MM55002/I-41            Tornado                 TTTE      
(MM61886)/53-76         P166M                   Museo     
(MM19668)               CL13-4                  Museo     
MM51-17534/534          T33A                    Museo     
"38316"/51-21           F86K                    Museo     
MM53802/53-22           T6H-4M                  Museo     
5443                    G91R                    Esq301    
C.14-01/14-01           Mirage F1CE             Ala14     
C.14-13/14-13           Mirage F1CE             Ala14     
CE.14-70/14-70          Mirage F1BE             Ala14     
XV218                   Hercules C1P            LTW       
ZE354                   Phantom F3              74Sqn     
ZE356/Q 	        Phantom F3              74Sqn     
ZE364/Z 	        Phantom F3              74Sqn     
XW220/DD                Puma HC1                230Sqn    
35+08                   RF4E    	        AG52      
35+37                   RF4E    	        AG52      
35+65                   RF4E    	        AG52      
41+18                   Alpha Jet               JBG43     

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