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Pratica di Mare 2008

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Date: 24/25 May 2008

Made by: Scramble, Oscar Sannen

Updated:  30-05-2013

M1 			SA316B 		40sm
RS05 			Sea King Mk48 	40sm
C-168 			CL-604 		Esk 721
ET-204 			F-16BM 		Esk 727/730
45+39, 45+81 		Tornado IDS 	JBG31
148 			F-16D 		346 Mira
LN-N90455 		E-3A 		NAEW&CF
810 			An-26 		Baza 90 Av.d.Tr.
9610 			MiG-21Lancer-A 	Baza 95 Aeriana
L6-02 			PC6/B2-H4 	107.LETB/15BR.
4009, 4013 		NF-5B-2000 	133 Filo
1212 			C-130H 		4sq/UAE AF
725, 756 		Mirage 2000-9 	76sq/UAE AF
88-0425/AV, 89-2024/AV 	F-16CG 		555th FS
MM80744/PS-44 		A109A 		1°RV Pratica di Mare
MM81449/GdiF-142 	A109A-II 	Centro di Aviazione
MM81375 		AB212ICO 	21°Gr tiger mks
MM81446/GF-204 		AB412HP 	Centro di Aviazione
MM81463/CC-29 		AB412HP 	Raggr.Aeromobili
MM80294/CC-1 		AB47J-3 	preserved
MM80482/CC-13 		AB47G-3B1 	preserved
MM7133/51-32 		AMX 		132°Gr
MM7143/51-21 		AMX 		103°Gr
MM55029/32-50 		AMX-T 		101°Gr
MM62230/GF-15 		ATR42-500MP 	Gruppo EA
MM7220/1-14 		AV-8B+ 		Grup.Aerei Imbar.
MM62149/14-02 		B707T/T 	wfu
MM40121/41-06 		Br1150 		88°Gr
MM62194/46-60 		C-130J-30 	50°Gr
MM62222/46-86 		C-27J 		98°Gr
MM62158/E.I.103 	Do228-212 	28°Gr Sqd AVES
MM7273/36-02 		EF2000 		12°Gr
MM55130/4-33 		EF2000T 	20°Gr
MM81485/2-06 		EH101-110ASW 	GRUPELICOT 1
MM62245 		Falcon 900EX 	93°Gr
MM7251 			F-16A ADF 	23°Gr
MM7257 			F-16A ADF 	18°Gr
MM7266 			F-16B 		18°Gr
MM62107 		G222VS 		8°Gr
MM62146/14-11 		G222TCM 	8°Gr
MM100054/CVV-07 	Grob103 	423ªSC
MM81350/15-38 		HH-3F 		85°Gr
MM81441/E.I.836 	CH-47C 		11°Gr. Sqd AVES
MM81064/GdiF-106 	NH500MD 	Centro di Aviazione
MM81274/72-11 		NH500E 		208°Gr
MM81296/72-33 		NH500E 		208°Gr
MM54465-61/21 		MB339A 		213°Gr
MM55078/61-146 		MB339CD 	212°Gr
MM55086/61-156 		MB339CD 	212°Gr
MM81519/E.I.202 	NH90-TTH 	1°Gr Sqd
MM100059/VV-3 		Nimbus4DM 	423ªSC
MM25153 		P166DL-3 	71°Gr
MM25171/GF-01 		P166DP-1 	GEA
MM62162 		P180AM 		71°Gr
MM62248/GF-18 		P180AM 		GEA
MM61979 		S208M 		423ªSC
MM55126/70-35 		SF260EA 	207°Gr
MM7023/36-31 		Tornado IDS 	156°Gr
MM7054/50-40 		Tornado ECR 	155°Gr spec mks
MM55004/6-53 		Tornado IDS 	102°Gr spec mks
Woops... three aircraft of the United Arabic Emirates Air Force
in the static display! That is something you don’t see every day.

Static, inside 14°Stormo Hangar:
MM25156, MM25158 	P166DL-3 	71°Gr
MM62200 		P180AM SA 	Linate

15°Stormo area:
MM81157 		AB212AM 	81CAE in hangar
MM81161 		AB212ICO 	21°Gr ISAF mks #
MM81190 		AB212AM 	670ªSSC
MM81694/CFS-30 		AB412EP 	CFS Roma in hngr
MM80212/15-35 		AB47J 		preserved        
MM80972 		SH-3D           93°Gr arr/dep25  
MM80974/15-01 		HH-3F           85°Gr shed       
MM80976/15-03           HH-3F           85°Gr #          
MM80988/15-19           HH-3F           85°Gr            
MM80991/15-22           HH-3F           85°Gr closed shed
MM81339/15-27           HH-3F           85°Gr            
MM81343/15-31           HH-3F           85°Gr shed       
MM81345/15-33           HH-3F           85°Gr #          
MM81307/72-44           NH500E 		208°Gr          
MM81352 		NH500MD 	615ªSC          
MM81353                 NH500MD 	615ªSC in hangar
The aircraft marked # also participated in the tactical demo

Ramp behind 15°Stormo area:
MM62187/46-53 		C-130J-30 	50°Gr
MM62190/46-56           C-130J-30       50°Gr
MM62196/46-62           C-130J-30       50°Gr
All three C130J-30s arrived early in the morning on Sunday,
They flew in from Roma Ciampino

The flightlines were divided in three parts, These are indicated
below by their position on the airfield, by north, centre and
south. Only a part of the middle flight line was good for pictures
due to the VIP/Press area.

Flightline north:
87-0351/AV, 89-2039/AV 	F-16CG 		555th FS
MM7157 			AMX 		nb spec mks
MM7158/RS-12 		AMX 		311°Gr RSV
MM62221/46-85 		C-27J 		on loan 311°Gr RSV
MM7235/36-04 		EF2000 		311°Gr RSV
MM7282/4-15             EF2000          9°Gr    #
MM62125/14-24           G222TCM         std
MM62140/14-21           G222RM          std
MM62141/14-22           G222RM          std
CMX613                  M346            Alenia/Aermacchi
MM55088/61-160          MB339CD         212°Gr
MM61984/3               S208M           423°SC

Flightline centre: 
R86/61-ZD                                   C-160R                        ET03.061 
MM7213/1-07                               AV-8B+                        GrupAerei 
MM7215/1-09                               AV-8B+                        GrupAerei 
MM62218/46-82                          C-27J                           98°Gr 
MM62220/46-83                          C-27J                           98°Gr 

Alpha Jets of the Patrouille de France: 

C101EB Aviojets of Patrulla Aguila: 

MB339As of the Frecce Tricolore: 

L-39C Albatrosses of Team Breitling: 

Flightlines south: 
FA101                                              F-16AM                    2w 
FA131                                              F-16AM                    2w spec mks 
E-602                                               F-16AM                    Esk 727/730 
J-011                                                F-16AM                   312sq 
J-055                                                F-16AM                   313sq spec mks 
017                                                   C295M                    13.eltr 
019, 020, 024, 025                        PZL130TC-I           Team Orlik 
037, 047, 048                                 PZL130TC-I           Team Orlik 
9536                                                 MiG-21Lancer B    Baza95 Aeriana 
MM55091/RS-32                            MB339CD               311°Gr 
CSX7041/RS-06                           Tornado IDS            311°Gr 
MM7014/RS-01                              Tornado IDS           311°Gr 
MM81398/E.I.928                           A129C                     49°Gr Sqd AVES 
MM81420/E.I.950                           A129C                     49°Gr Sqd AVES 

Flightline, Guardia di Finanza platform: 
335                                                   Mi-24P                     MH 86.HE 
MM81520/E.I.203                           NH90-TTH             1°Gr Sqd AVES 
MM81634/2-19                               EH101-410UTY     GRUPELICOT 1 
MM81636/2-21                               EH101-410UTY     GRUPELICOT 1 
Flying Only: 
C.16-22/11-02                                EF2000                   Ala 11               25 &
C.16-30/11-10                                EF2000                   Ala 11               25 &
ZJ911/BZ                                        Typhoon F2             29(R)sq           25 &
MM7132/51-01                              AMX                           103°Gr              &  
MM55031/32-54                            AMX-T                       101°Gr             # 
MM55042/32-56                            AMX-T                       101°Gr             * 
MM62186/46-51                            C-130J                      2°Gr                25, 26 
MM7278/4-12                                EF2000                      9°Gr                * 
MM7284/4-21                                EF2000                      9°Gr 
MM7285/4-16 +1                          EF2000                      9°Gr 
MM7248                                         F-16A ADF                 18°Gr               # 
MM7254                                         F-16A ADF                 18°Gr               * 
MM7260                                         F-16A ADF                 18°Gr              &
MM7007/6-01                                Tornado IDS             154°Gr            & 
MM7022/6-23                                Tornado IDS             154°Gr            * 
MM7025/6-05                                Tornado IDS             154°Gr            * 
MM7028/36-33                              Tornado IDS             156°Gr            & 
MM7031/36-37                              Tornado IDS             156°Gr            & 
MM7046/6-06                                Tornado IDS             154°Gr             # 
MM7049/36-42                              Tornado IDS             156°Gr            & 
MM7080/6-33                                Tornado IDS              102°Gr           spec mks & 
MM7086/36-35                              Tornado IDS              156°Gr           & 
I-DPCI/26                                       CL-415                        SOREM 
The EF2000 MM7278/4-12 performed a demo on both days and participated in the tactical demo only on Sunday. 
The Spanish and British Eurofighters came from Grosetto where they were seen departing. 
* participated only in Saturday tactical demo 
# participated only in Sunday tactical demo 
& participated on both days in tactical demo 

Platform 71°Gr: 
MM25154                                      P166DL-3                     71°Gr  
MM62160, MM62161                  P180AM                         71°Gr, arr 25 
MM62201, MM62204                  P180AM                         71°Gr 
MM62202, MM62203                  P180AM                         71°Gr 
311°Gr/RSV area: 
MM54515/-                                  MB339A(MLU)               nmk 
MM62176/46-41                         KC-130J                         2°Gr o/l RSV 
MM7272/36-03                           EF2000                          311°Gr o/l RSV, hgr 
MM62124/RS-46                        G222TCM                     ex 311°Gr std 
MM62152/RS-45                        G222TCM                     ex 311°Gr std 
MM62153X/RS-46                      G222TCM                     ex 311°Gr std 
MM62164                                     P180AM                        311°Gr 
MM55125/70-34                         SF260                            207°Gr in hangar 
CSX7041/RS-06                        Tornado IDS                 311°Gr 
MM7078/36-30                           Tornado IDS                 156°Gr o/l RSV 
Inside small hangar near RSV area: 
MM81298/72-35                        NH500E                         208°Gr 
MM81311/72-48                        NH500E                         208°Gr 
Carabanieri platform: 
MM81106/CC-87*                     A109A                             Raggr.Aeromobili 
MM81031/CC-67                      AB206B-1                       Raggr.Aeromobili 
MM81166/CC-01*                    AB412                              Raggr.Aeromobili 
MM81461/CC-27*                    AB412HP                        Raggr.Aeromobili 
MM81462/CC-28*                    AB412HP                        Raggr.Aeromobili 
Carabinieri RAC hangar: 
MM81496/CC-89                      A109E                              Raggr.Aeromobili 
MM81497/CC-98                      A109E                              Raggr.Aeromobili 
MM81029/CC-65                     AB206B-1                        Raggr.Aeromobili 
Carabinieri RAC hangar: 
MM80928/CC-50                     AB206A-1                         Raggr.Aeromobili 
MM81189/CC-03                     AB412                               Raggr.Aeromobili 
MM...../CC-41                           AW109N                           Raggr.Aeromobili 
MM81663/CC-42                    AW109N                           Raggr.Aeromobili 
MM81665/CC-44                    AW109N                           Raggr.Aeromobili 
Carabinieri RME (maintenance) hangar: 
MM81108/CC-90                     A109A                               Raggr.Aeromobili 
MM81110/CC-92                     A109A                               Raggr.Aeromobili 
MM81131/CC-93*                   A109A                               Raggr.Aeromobili 
MM81143/CC-96                     A109A                               Raggr.Aeromobili 
MM80929/CC-51                    AB206A-1                         Raggr.Aeromobili 
MM81028/CC-64                    AB206B-1                         Raggr.Aeromobili 
MM81033/CC-69                    AB206B-1                         Raggr.Aeromobili 
MM81035/CC-71                    AB206B-1                         Raggr.Aeromobili 
MM81167/CC-02                    AB412                               Raggr.Aeromobili 
MM81471/CC-31                    AB412HP                         Raggr.Aeromobili 
Guardia di Finanza area: 
MM81389/GdiF-140               A109A-II                            Centro Aviazone, arr 24 
MM80166                                 AB47G-2                          pres in building 
MM80961/GdiF-59                 NH500                              pres at gate 
GdiF Centro Aviazione hangar: 
MM81191/GdiF-125              A109A-II                             Centro Aviazone 
MM81334/GdiF-133              A109A-II                             Centro Aviazone 
MM81443/GF-201                 AB412HP                           Centro Aviazone 
MM81453/GF-208                 AB412HP                           Centro Aviazone 
MM81455/GF-210                 AB412HP                           Centro Aviazone 
MM81510/GF-222                 AB412HP                           Centro Aviazone 
MM81135/GdiF-115              NH500MD                         Centro Aviazone 
GdiF Centro Aviazone (maintenance) hangar: 
MM81204/GdiF-127              A109A-II                              Centro Aviazone 
MM81371/GdiF-138              A109A-II                              Centro Aviazone 
MM81390/GdiF-141              A109C                                 Centro Aviazone 
MM81457/GF-212                 AB412HP                            Centro Aviazone 
MM81465/GF-213                 AB412HP                            Centro Aviazone 
MM81506/GF-218                 AB412HP                            Centro Aviazone 
MM81507/GF-219                 AB412HP                            Centro Aviazone  
MM81508/GF-220                 AB412HP                            Centro Aviazone 
MM81509/GF-221                 AB412HP                            Centro Aviazone 
MM80995/GdiF-71                NH500MC                           Centro Aviazone
 MM80997/GdiF-73               NH500MC                           Centro Aviazone 
MM80998/GdiF-74                NH500MC                           Centro Aviazone
 MM81001/GdiF-77               NH500MC                           Centro Aviazone 
MM81003/GdiF-79                NH500MC                           Centro Aviazone 
MM81004/GdiF-80                NH500MC                           Centro Aviazone 
MM81009/GdiF-85                NH500MC                           Centro Aviazone 
MM81059/GdiF-101              NH500MC                           Centro Aviazone
 MM81060/GdiF-102             NH500MC                           Centro Aviazone
 MM81061/GdiF-103             NH500MC                           Centro Aviazone 
MM81062/GdiF-104              NH500MC                           Centro Aviazone 
MM81063/GdiF-105              NH500MC                           Centro Aviazone 
MM81065/GdiF-107              NH500MD                           Centro Aviazone 
MM81139/GdiF-119              NH500MD                           Centro Aviazone 
MM81218/GdiF-129              NH500MD                           Centro Aviazone 
GdiF (fi xed wing) hangar:
 MM25173/GF-03                   P166DL-3                           Centro Aviazone 
MM25174/GF-04                    P166DL-3                           Centro Aviazone
 MM25178/GF-08                   P166DL-3                           Centro Aviazone
 MM62249/GF-19*                 P180                                    Centro Aviazone 
GdiF Sezione Aerea (small) hangar:
 MM81388/GdiF-139            A109A-II                                Centro Aviazone
 MM81000/GdiF-76              NH500MC                            Centro Aviazone
 GdiF platform: 
MM81510/GF-222*              AB412HP                             Centro Aviazone 
MM81069/GdiF-111            NH500MD                            Centro Aviazone 
Polizia di Stato/1 Reparto Volo hangar: 
PS-65                                     AB206B-3                            1°RV Pratica di Mare 
PS-84                                     AB206B-3                             std dam. under sail 
PS-43                                     AB212                                   1°RV Pratica di Mare
 MM81647/PS-70                 AB212                                   1°RV Pratica di Mare 
MM81704/PS-107                AW109N                               1°RV Pratica di Mare
 PS-A94                                  P68OBS                               1°RV Pratica di Mare 
PS-B07*                                 P68OBS                               1°RV Pratica di Mare
 Polizia di Stato/1 Reparto Volo hangar: 
PS-61                                    A109A-II                                 1°RV Pratica di Mare
 MM81645/PS-63                A109A-II                                 1°RV Pratica di Mare 
PS-83                                    AB206B-3                             1°RV Pratica di Mare
 PS-42                                   AB212                                   1° RV Pratica di Mare 
PS-B03                                 P68OBS                                1°RV Pratica di Mare 
I-STAD (PS-B12)                 P68OBS                                1°RV Pratica di Mare 
Polizia di Stato platform: 
PS-93*                                 AB212                                     1°RV Pratica di Mare 
PS-B10*                               P68OBS-2                             1°RV Pratica di Mare
 Aircraft marked * were seen flying on one or both days. 
Preserved on base: 
MM80157                             AB47J                                   pres at 15°St
 MM80476                            AB47G-2                               pres behind RSV 
MM80804                             OH-13H                                pres at RSV
 MM6827/50                         F-104S-ASA                         pres at RSV 
MM579/RS-11                     G-91Y                                    pres at 311°Gr HQ
 MM6248/7                           G-91PAN                              pres at gate 
MM6288/RS-06                   G-91T                                   pres at 311°Gr HQ 
MM6827/50                          F-104S-ASA                        pres at RSV
 MM54201                            MB326                                  pres at HQ 
MM54385                             MB326E                               pres near tower 
MM54391                             MB326K                               pres RSV monum.
 MM61957                            PD808TP                             pres at 71°Gr HQ 
MM61958                             PD808GE                            pres at 14°St 
MM62016                             PD808RM                            pres at fl ight line 
MM604X/RS-S1                  T-6H4M                                 pres RSV monum. 
Dump area sea shore:
 MM61825/14-50               C-47ECM                              dump
 MM61893/14-46               C-47DL                                 dump
 MM81338/15-26               HH-3F                                   dump wreck
 MM81351/15-39               HH-3F                                   dump wreck
 MM577/RS-4                     PD808-825                          dump 
MM61951                           PD808TA                              dump
 MM61952                          PD808GE2                           dump 
MM51-451/14-22              T-33A                                     dump


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