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Rimini 1990

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Date: 7/8 July 1990

Made by: Scramble


26                        Super Etendard            FN 
47                        Super Etendard            FN 
21530                     F-4E                      337 Mira 
88-0098                   CH-47D                    US Army 
MM6449                    G91Y                      101 Gr 
MM6461/8-21               G91S                      101 Gr 
MM6776/5-37               F-104S                    102 Gr 
MM6787/5-42               F-104S-ASA                102 Gr 
MM7074/74                 Tornado                   6 St 
MM40111/41-73             Br1151                    88 Gr 
MM57258/EI-465            SM1019                    27 GSALE 
MM61890                   P166M                     nn 
MM61974/5-55              S208M                     605 SC 
MM80992/15-23             HH-3F                     83 Gr 

MM6411/2-12               G91R                      14 Gr 
MM61993/46-07             C-130H                    46 BA 
MM62119/46-21             G222                      46 BA 
MM51-17477/4-77           T-33A                     dump 
MM53-8301/5-52            F-86K                     preserved 

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