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Rivolto 2015

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Rivolto 55th Ann Frecce Tricolore
Date: 5-6 September 2015
1127/RG-27 S105Öe Düsentrainerstaffel  
MM54547/0 MB-339A/PAN Frecce Tricolori  
MM54457/61-11 MB-339A(MLU) Alenia Aermacchi  
MM54514 MB-339A/PAN (MLU) Frecce Tricolore  
MM55084/61-154 MB-339CD 212° Gruppo SV  
MM55049/51-83 AMX-T ACOL 51° Stormo  
MM55113/70-20 SF-260EA 207° Gruppo SV  
MM55153/61-05 T-346A Alenia Aermacchi  
MM62004/60-42 S208M 632° SC GVV/60Wing  
MM62203 P180AM 71° Gruppo GE  
MM62222/46-86 C-27J 98° Gruppo TM  
MM7019/50-05 Tornado ECR 155° Gruppo ET  
MM7025/6-05 Tornado IDS GEA 6° Stormo  
MM7164/51-40 AMX ACOL 51° Stormo  
MM7330/36-43 F-2000A 936° GEA  
MM81158/9-58 AB212AM 21° Gruppo  
MM81264/72-01 NH-500E 208° Gruppo SV  
MM81799/15-43 HH-139A 81° Centro AE  
MM81866/15-03 H-101A 15° Stormo ex.ZR354  
Q-26 AH-64D 301sq  
CE.15-08/12-71 EF-18BM Ala12  
89-2016/AV F-16CM 555th FS  
I-FENI C-166C Private  
N609A AW609 nn  
Leftside (runway 06):
1126/RF-26 Saab 105Ö Düsentrainerstaffel $
FA124 F-16AM 10w  
FA134 F-16AM 10w  
59, 114 Mig-29A 23.BLT  
MM6416/2-14 G-91R Pres.  
MM53-5795/36-68 RT-33A Pres. (MM53-5430)  
CSX55152 T-346A Alenia Aermacchi  
MM54516/61-66 MB-339A(MLU) 213° Gruppo SV  
MM55080/61-150 MB-339CD 212° Gruppo SV  
MM55155/61-04 T-346A 212° Gruppo SV  
MM62009/60-44 S-208M 60 Wing Guidonia  
MM7280/36-30 F-2000A 936° GEA  
MM7286/36-02 F-2000A 936° GEA  
MM81160/9-60 AB212AM 21° Gruppo  
MM81823/15-51 HH-139A 81° Centro AE  
MM81824/15-52 HH-139A 85° Gruppo CSA  
F-HXAL Extra 330SC Breitling  
I-ALBJ/40 GF-4 SAI  
I-LYNC Fokker DRI Frezla Replica  
I-SINK SF-260 Private  
I-WIND EC135 T2 Eli Friulia Ambulance  
Flying Display Only:
MM7126/51-26 AMX ACOL 51° Stormo  
MM7184/51-65 AMX ACOL 51° Stormo  
MM55007/6-56 Tornado IDS(T) 6° Stormo  
MM62183/46-48 KC-130J 50° Gruppo TM  
MM62227/14-02 KC-767A 8° Gruppo  
MM7037/6-16 Tornado IDS GEA 6° Stormo  
MM7297/36-10 F-2000A 936° GEA $
MM7308/36-10 F-2000A 936° GEA $
Helicopter solo Display line:
CSX81848/1-49 AW-149 AgustaWestland  
MM81864/15-01 HH-101A AgustaWestland  
Q-05 AH-64D 301sq  
Farside (runway 24) :
MM62193/46-59 C-130J-30 50° Gruppo TM  
MM62226/14-01 KC-767A 8° Gruppo  
SF-260M+ of CC Air/Red Devils:
ST23, ST31, ST34, ST-36
Hawk Mk51 of HävLLv 41/Midnight Hawks:
HW3531, HW340/2, HW334/3, HW345/4
Alpha Jet E of EPAA20.300/Patrouille de France:
E46/F-UHRF/1, E162/F-TERJ/2, E88/F-TELL/3, E95/F-TERQ/4
E45/F-TETF/5, E94/F-TERH/6, E139/F-UGFC/7, E73/F-TENE/8
Hawk Mk65/A* of 88sq/Saudi Hawks:
8805*, 8806*, 8807, 8808, 8811*, 8816*, 8820*
C101EB of Ala79, Patrulla Aguilla:
E.25-15/1, E25-21/2, E25-62/3, E25-40/4 E25-13/79-13/5, E25-25/79-25/6, E25-69/8, E25-28/79-28 ($)
F-5E of Patrouille Suise:
J-3083, J-3084, J-3087, J-3088, J-3089, J-3091
NF-5A/B*-2000 of the Turkish Stars:
4020*/1, 3052/2, 3058/3, 4013*/4, 3032/5, 3049/6, 3023/7
EA300L of the Royal Jordanian Falcons,
Near hangar:
MM6651/3-03 RF-104G Pres.  
Inside hangar :
I-EBAZ MB-308 Private  
MM55058/12 MB-339A Frecce 55 Years  
Demo-line parallel:
I-RVEG/6-43 MB-326 ex MM54168  
I-MRSV G-59 4B ex MM53774  
I-SSEP T-6G ex MM54101/4-06/114462  
Opposite side Airfield Pres:
MM54-1292/36-25 F-86K pres. as MM55-4821  
MM55-3080/51-85 T-33A pres.  
MM6413/2 G-91R pres.  
MM53822 T-6H pres. as AA-32/SC-55  
Preserved Street:
MM53-6845 F-84F Pres as I Diavoli Rossi  
MM19596/1 Sabre F4 pres as Lanceri Ner 1recce  
J-1170 Vampire FB6 Pres. as. 4-11  
MM52-6020/46-84 C-119G Pres.  
MM19685/4-20 F-86E Sabre 4 Pres as. Cavalline Rampante  
MM53-6591 F-84F Pres as. Getti Tonanti  
MM6241/6 G-91PAN Frecce as. MM6264  
MM19596 (ex XB710) F-86EM pres  
MM19685, MM19724 F-86EM Pres  


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