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Torino 1972

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Date: 8 June 1972

Made by: John Dyer


MM80473/15-30 	AB204B 		15Stormo
MM80550/EI-298 	AB205 		ALE
MM80556/EI-304 	AB205 		ALE
MM80601/EI-540 	AB206A		ALE
MM80608/EI-547 	AB206A		ALE
MM80685	 	AB206A		ALE
MM61743/RM-51 	C-45
MM6553/3-20	F-104G 		3Stormo
MM6591/6-09	F-104G 		6Stormo
MM6716/36-36	F-104S 		36Stormo
MM6735/4-12	F-104S 		4Stormo
MM6773 		F-104S
MM6790 		F-104S
MM6792 		F-104S
MM..../53-07	F-104S 		53Stormo
MM54427/20-2 	TF-104G 	20Stormo
MM..../RS-8	G91T 		RSV
MM6449/SA-33	G91Y 		SVBAA
MM6459/RS-12	G91Y 		RSV
MM582 		G222 
MM583 		G222 
MM80822/EI-801 	CH-47C		ALE
MM54153 	MB326
MM62006 	MS208
MM5020/6-19	SH-3D		6Stormo
MM148297/AS-15 	S-2D
MM53669/RM-6 	T-6
Plus a lot of civil aircraft

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