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Villafranca 1997

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Date: 28 June 1997

Made by: MAR, Kevin Hall, Mark Wall


MM6881/5-42	F-104S-ASA	5St
MM6943/37-15	F-104S-ASA  	37St
MM6525/3-01	F-104G  	3St, wfu
52-7403/3-28	RF-84F  	3St, wfu
51-9145/3-145	T-33A  		3St, wfu
MM6579		F-104G  	28Gr, special witch c/s, wfu
MM7046/6-06	Tornado   	6St
MM7232/53-10	Tornado F3  	53St, ex RAF ZG735
MM54458/61-12	MB-339  	61St
MM54465/61-21	MB-339  	61St
MM62006/3-06	S-208M   	3St
MM62160   	P-180   	36St
MM7165		AMX  		3St
J-006		F-16A  		KLu 315 Sqn
J-262		F-16B  		KLu 315 Sqn
MM7090/RS-12 	AMX   		RSV
MM62164   	P-180    	RSV
J-364  		F-16A  		KLu, display c/s
J-878  		F-16B  		KLu 323 Sqn
MM6913/37-04	F-104S-ASA  	37 St
MM7124/3-40 	AMX  		3St
MM7164/3-08	AMX-T		3St
MM7166/3-04	AMX-T		3St
MM7175/3-01	AMX-T		3St
MM7181/3-07	AMX-T		3St
MM7184/3-06	AMX-T		3St
MM7114/3-05??	AMX		3St
MM7174/3-11??	AMX		3St
MM7174 was also noted as 3-05 and
MM7114 as 32-15 during June 97!

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