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Viterbo 2013

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Viterbo 62°Anniversario AVES
Date: 17 May 2013
MM81408/E.I.938 A129C Casarsa-based 29039
MM80699/E.I.328/I-EIAC AB205B not local 4227
MM80884/E.I.616 AB206C-1 1°GS AVES 9123
MM81355/E.I.464 AB412 26°GS AVES 25579
MM62157/E.I.102 Do228-212 28°GS AVES 8203
MM80824/’E.I.801’ EMBCH-47C Stored, 40°Anni c/s M003
MM81386/E.I.832 EMBCH-47C 11°GS AVES 12166
MM81523/E.I.206 NH90-TTH 1°GS AVES 1029
Hangar display:
MM62169 P180E 28°GS AVES 1031
MM57229/E.I.436 SM1019E Stored  
Flying from ramps or South base:
MM81407/E.I.937 A129C Casarsa-based  
MM80867/E.I.599 AB206C-1 1°GS AVES  
MM80870/E.I.602 AB206C-1 1°GS AVES  
(MM81198)/E.I.455 AB412 1°GS AVES  
MM81540/E.I.223 NH90-TTH 1°GS AVES  
Other aircraft seen:
(MM81194)/E.I.451 AB412 1°GS AVES hangar 5
(MM81257)/E.I.457 +1 AB412 1°GS AVES hangar 7
MM62156/E.I.101 Do228-212 28°GS AVES ramp
MM62158/E.I.103 Do228-212 28°GS AVES ramp
(MM80832)/E.I.810 EMBCH-47C 11°GS AVES ramp
(MM80834)/E.I.812 EMBCH-47C 11°GS AVES ramp
(MM81232)/E.I.831 EMBCH-47C 11°GS AVES ramp
(MM81460)/E.I.839 EMBCH-47C 11°GS AVES ramp
(MM81524)/E.I.207 NH90-TTH 1°GS AVES hangar 5
MM61-2964/E.I.27 O-1E Stored hangar 8
Plus eleven stored Chinooks, a stored AB412 and AB47 along with some preserved airframes. Serials not read off are between brackets. Most units are assumed, only the P180 wore a badge.
This is a yearly venue, albeit by prior arrangement only. During this year’s version, 40 years of Chinook operations were commemorated as well. Hence the specially painted Chinook. Please note that these are Elicotteri Meridionali-Boeing CH-47C as is stamped on the constructor’s plate and painted on the aircraft. Another celebration was the 40th anniversary of the AVES’ Mount Everest expedition involving the AB205 in the static. Some other noteworthy bits of information are that there are no longer any Mangustas based at Viterbo. It was decided to get the instructors at the operational regiments at Casarsa and Rimini so they could liaise and exchange experience with pilots working up or just returning from Afghanistan. The Mangusta is a well-liked aircraft for that mission, being self-supporting and reliable. The A129 flight demonstration with two man sitting on the main landing gear was a peculiar sight! The NH90 showed off some fast roping, the Chinook displayed its fire-fighting capabilities and the AB412 flew around with a sling load. After being on the verge of getting cancelled, it was a nice surprise to see some flying activity after all!


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