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Atsugi 2012

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Atsugi Frienship Day
Date: 28-4-2012
52923 CH-47JA 103 Hikotai  
8263 SH-60J 51 Kokutai  
5077 P-3C 3 Kokutai  
162175/3 C-2A VRC-30 Det. 5  
163562 UC-12F NAF Atsugi  
165813/NF-600 E-2C VAW-115  
165860/NF-200 F/A-18E VFA-27  
166859/NF-300 F/A-18E VFA-115  
166901/NF-400 F/A-18E VFA-195  
166915/NF-100 F/A-18F VFA-102  
166928/NF-500 EA-18G VAQ-141  
164841/NF-616 HH-60H HS-14  
164815/TA-700 SH-60B HSL-51  
164814/TA-711 SH-60B HSL-51  
164460/NF-610 SH-60F HS-14  
161012/LF P-3C VP-16  
N321AX Hunter F58 ATAC (ex Swiss J-4076)
N322AX Hunter F58 ATAC (ex Swiss J-4087)
Hunter N321AX crashed near Point Mogu on Friday 18 May.
CH-46E of HMM-265:
153999/EP-02, 156437/EP-03, 153393/EP-13


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