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Hamamatsu 2011

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JASDF Hamamatsu Airshow
Date: 23 October 2011
58-1012 C-1 402 Hikotai  
34-3461 E-2C Hiko Keikai Kanshitai  
64-3501 E-767 Hiko Keikai Kanseitai  
13-8514 F-2A 1 Jyutsuka Gakko  
47-8328 F-4EJ Hiko Kaihatsu Jikkedn Dan  
62-8870 F-15J 1 Jyutsuka Gakko  
18-4574 UH-60J Hamamatsu Kyunantai  
66-5748, 16-5786 T-4 32 Kyoiku Hikotai  
16-5799 T-4 31 Kyoiku Hikotai  
95-3254 U-4 402 Hikotai  
52-3002 U-125A Hamamatsu Kyunantai  
73440/VATH AH-1S 5 Taisensha Herikoputatai  
43115/SD UH-60JA Kyoiku Shien Hikotai  


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