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Iwakuni 2002

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Date: 5 May 2002

Made by:


80-0217/OS, 81-0973/OS	OA-10A		25th FS     
86-0083/OS		C-12J	        55th AF     
84-0102			C-21A	        459th AS    
78-0506/ZZ		F-15C	        12th FS     
78-0522/ZZ		F-15C	        67th FS     
88-0547/OS, 90-0710/OS	F-16CG	        36th FS     
90-0812/WW		F-16CJ	        14th FS     
92-3901/WW		F-16CJ	        13th FS     
69-6614			UH-1N	        459th AS    
161774/CY-03		EA-6B	        VMAQ-2      
163558			UC-12F	        MCAS Iwakuni
165532/CE-01		F/A-18D	        VMFA(AW)-225
152123			UH-3H	        HSL-51      
157173/YL-10		CH-53D	        HMH-362     
164814			SH-60B	        HSL-51      
47-8345			F-4EJ Kai	301 Hikotai
18-4574	                UH-60J		Hyakuri Kyunan     
83-3223	                MU-2S	        Matsushima Kyunan
49-5185	                T-2	        6 Hikotai        
81-5509	                T-3	        12 Hiko Kyoikudan
76-5757	                T-4	        301 Hikotai      
5068	                P-3C	        5 Kokutai        
8631	                MH-53E	        111 Kokutai      
9084	                US-1A	        71 Kokutai       
9163	                UP-3D	        91 Kokutai       
9206	                U-36A	        91 Kokutai       
9301	                LC-90	        91 Kokutai       

Parallel to the runway:
71-0877			C-9A		30th AS    
58-0100	                KC-135R	        909th ARS  
58-1006	                C-1	        403 Hikotai

Other side (JMSDF side):<'/b>
5813			PS-1A		preserved
9083, 9085		US-1A		71 Kokutai
9162			UP-3D		91 Kokutai

162227/CY-01		EA-6B		VMAQ-2
,,,.../(YL)-17 		CH-53		USMC
....../(YL)-19		CH-53		USMC

154638/WA-01		OA-4M		pres gate
"192"			Zero replica	preserved

JA00AR			AS350B-3  
JA11AR	                Pitts S2B 
JA22AR	                Pitts S2C 
JA3704	                FA-200-180
JA4084	                PA-46-350P
JA4093	                Ce182P    
N123EX	                Extra 300 

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