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Iwakuni 2008

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Date: 5 May 2008

Made by:


80-0164/OS 		A-10A 		25th FS  
80-0213/OS              OA-10A 		25th FS 
86-0081/YJ              C-12J 		459th AS 
74-2071/YJ              C-130H 		374th AW
88-0195 		MC-130H 	1st SOS
63-8011/ZZ 		KC-135R 	909th ARS
80-0013/ZZ, 83-0042/ZZ 	F-15C 		44th FS
88-0540/OS 		F-16CG 		36th FS
89-2078/WP              F-16CG          8th OG 
90-0711/WP              F-16CG          80th FS
69-6645 		UH-1N 		459th AS
85-24451 		UH-60A 		78th AvnBat
163553 			UC-12F 		H&HS Iwakuni
160627/QD-627 		KC-130R 	VMGR-152    
163444/200, 163717/207 	F/A-18C         VFA-97      
164653/DT-03 		F/A-18D         VMFA(AW)-242
164674/DT-05            F/A-18D         VMFA(AW)-242
157169/YH-12            CH-53D 		HMH-463      
157170/YH-26            CH-53D          HMH-463
157728/YH-31            CH-53D          HMH-463
157748/YH-67            CH-53D          HMH-463
164817/TA-714 		SH-60B          HSL-51 
68-1016 		C-1 		403 Hikotai         
63-8539                 F-2A 		6 Hikotai          
47-8324                 F-4EJ Kai 	301 Hikotai   
26-5688                 T-4 		301 Hikotai         
06-5787                 T-4 		31/32 Kyoiku Hikotai
56-5931                 T-7 		12 Hiko Kyoikudan   
8625 			MH-53E 		111 Kokutai 
8651                    MCH-101 	111 Kokutai
9089                    US-1A 		71 Kokutai        
9201                    U-36A           91 Kokutai        
9162                    UP-3D           91 Kokutai        
41836/MH 		UH-1J           Chubu Homen Herik.
31296/VATH 		OH-6D           5 Taisensha Herik.
73404/VATH 		AH-1S           5 Taisensha Herik.

90-0820/WW 		F-16CJ 		14th FS
91-0471/WW 		F-16DJ 		13th FS
163433/213,163455/204 	F/A-18C 	VFA-97
163701/205,163758/202 	F/A-18C 	VFA-97
163762/203,163767/206 	F/A-18C 	VFA-97
163768/211 		F/A-18C 	VFA-97

Other side/flying:
165832 			C-40A 		VR-58
9161 			UP-3D 		91 Kokutai
9902 			US-2 		71 Kokutai

Flying only:
53-8130 		F-2B 		6 Hikotai
37-8313, 47-8329 	F-4EJ Kai 	301 Hikotai

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