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Iwakuni 2012

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Iwakuni Friendship Day
Date: 5 May 2012
32622/IIIATH OH-1 3 Taisensha Herikoputatai  
73464/IIIATH AH-1S 3 Taisensha Herikoputatai  
9089 US-1A 71 Kokutai  
9161 UP-3D 91 Kokutai  
68-1018 C-1 403 Hikotai  
16-5665 T-4 301 Hikotai  
76-5946 T-7 12 Hiko Kyoikudan  
8631 MH-53E 111 Kokutai  
8655 MCH-101 111 Kokutai  
9204 U-36A 91 Kokutai  
164702/DT-08 F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-242  
165529/DT-04 F/A-18D(ATARS) VMFA(AW)-242  
166712 UC-35D H&HS Futenma  
168066/QD-066 KC-130J VMGR-152  
165569/WL-02 AV-8B VMA-311  
168209 UC-12W H&HS Iwakuni  
164679/VK-13 F/A-18D(ATARS) VMFA(AW)-121  
165186/WT-01 F/A-18C VMFA-232  
165095/TA-717 SH-60B HSL-51  
60078/YJ C-12J 459th AS  
89-055/WP F-16CG 35th FS  
89-021/WP F-16CG 35th FS  
Hangar next to static:
165183/WT-04 F/A-18C VMFA-232  
165222 /WT-11 F/A-18C VMFA-232  
92-894/WW F-16CJ 14th FS  
92-886/WP F-16CJ 14th FS *  
97-8421 F-4EJ Kai 301 Hikotai *  
82-8902 F-15J 304 Hikotai *  
93-8545 F-2A 6 Hikotai *  
41884 UH-1J nn *  
163868/WL-20 AV-8B VMA-311 *  
T-4 of the Blue Impulse:
46-5728/1, 46-5726/2, 46-5729/3, 46-5731/4, 66-5745/5, 46-5725/6
Left side of flightline:
168206 UC-12W H&HS Iwakuni  
162991/TA-703 SH-60B HSL-51  
Other side:
9131, 9133 OP-3C 81 Kokutai  
9163 UP-3D 91 Kokutai  
9171, 9175 EP-3 81 Kokutai  
9901 US-2 71 Kokutai *  
8627 MH-53E 111 Kokutai  
9088 US-1A 71 Kokutai  
This year a record breaking 280.000+ people visited MCAS Iwakuni. After last year’s Friendship Day was cancelled because of the earthquake in Japan and the involvement of MCAS Iwakuni in Operation Tomodachi this was the first Friendship Day where the new runway was in use. And this meant that you could only see the aircraft take off and land in the distance. The majority of the flying display took place in the morning and could only be photographed with backlight. The Blue Impulse and the PACAF F-16 Demo Team were parked at the taxi track in front of the crowd line and in the afternoon you could take some photos of their aircraft with the sun at your back. The F-4EJ Kai came from Nyutabaru and after 2 passes departed again to its home base. The other demos were parked at a ramp near the new runway.


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