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Kadena 1999

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Date: 3 July 1999

Made by: Masanori Ogawa


A-10A           80-0213/OS gn/yw       51stFW 
A-10A           80-0253/OS gn/yw       51stFW 
MC-130P         65-0994                17thSOS 
KC-135R         61-0306/ZZ wt          18thWg 
RC-135V         64-14845/OF gn         55thWg 
E-3C            83-0008/ZZ or          18thWg 
F-15C           ..-..../ZZ yw          18thWg         marked "12FS" 
F-15E           90-0233/AK rd          3rdWg          "90FS" 
F-15E           90-0242/AK rd          3rdWg          "11AF" 
F-16C           86-0270/WP yw          8thFW          marked "80FS" 
F-16D           87-0366/WP yw          8thFW 
EA-6B           163520/NE-502          VAQ-131 
EA-6B           163888/NE-503          VAQ-131 
AV-8B           164117/55              HMM-265(R) 
FA-18C          163745/WD-00           VMFA-212 
UH-1N           159686/SN-02           HMLA-169 
F-4EJ           67-8390                302nd Hikotai 
T-2             19-5170                6th Hikotai 
U-125A          82-3009                ARW Naha 

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