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Kasumigaura 2008

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Date: 18 May 2008

Made by:


73475/SK 	AH-1S 		Kasumigaura Bunko
32607/SK 	OH-1 		Kasumigaura Bunko
41695 		UH-1H 		nmks
41697 		UH-1H 		nmks
41852/VI 	UH-1J 		9 Hikotai
31171/NEH 	OH-6D 		Tohoku Homen Her.
31195/SU 	OH-6D 		Utsunomiya Bunko
52930/SK 	CH-47J 		Kasumigaura Bunko
43102/SK 	UH-60JA 	Kasumigaura Bunko
74504/SK 	AH-64DJP 	Kasumigaura Bunko

32616/SK 	OH-1 		Kasumigaura Bunko
41832/SK 	UH-1J 		Kasumigaura Bunko
31191/SK 	OH-6D 		Kasumigaura Bunko
52918/SK 	CH-47J 		Kasumigaura Bunko
43120/XIIH 	UH-60JA 	12 Herikoputatai
74506/SD 	AH-64DJP 	Kyoiku Sien Hikotai

Preserved as training frame (i/a):
31125/V 	OH-6D 		5 Hikotai
31128/EH 	OH-6D 		Tobu Homen Herik.
31131/SU 	OH-6D 		Utsunomiya Bunko

Preserved in Historical Park:
41685/WH 	UH-1H 		Seibu Homen Herik.
31197/SU 	OH-6D 		Utsunomiya Bunko
61326/SU 	TH-55J 		Utsunomiya Bunko
51815/WH 	KV107 II-A4 	Seibu Homen Herik.

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