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Kisarazu 2011

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Kisarazu Air show
Date: 02 October 2011
78-1024 C-1 402 Hikotai  
56-5924 T-7 11 FTW  
41-5054 T-400 41 Hikotai  
75-3252 U-4 402 Hikotai  
29-3041 U-125 FCG  
01021/ST EC-225LP Tokubetsu Yuso Herikoputatai  
73444/IVATH, 73467/IVATHAH-1S OH-1J  4 Taisensha Herikoputatai  
32628/IVATH OH-1 4 Taisensha Herikoputatai  
41922/EH UH-1J Toubu Homen Herikoputatai  
31226 OH-6D Preserved  
31309/IHB OH-6D 102 Hikotai  
51736/IIH KV-107 Preserved  
52912/HGPIV CH-47J 104 Hikotai  
52929/HGPV CH-47JA 105 Hikotai  
43126/IHB UH-60JA 102 Hikotai  
74508/SK AH-64D Kasumigaura Kou  
22020/LR LR-1 Renraku Teisatsu Hikotai  
22056/LR LR-2 Renraku Teisatsu Hikotai  
9305 LC-90 61 Kokutai  
8410 SH-60K 21 Kokutai  
9041 YS-11M 61 Kokutai  
84-23937 UH-60A 78th Avn  
164815/TA-700 SH-60B HSL-51  


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