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Komatsujima 2010

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Date: 18 April 2010

Made by:


41917/XIV 		UH-1J 		14 Hikotai
31275/XIV 		OH-6D 		14 Hikotai
8420 			SH-60K 		22 Kokutai
8973 			UH-60J 		72 Kokutai

8265, 8273, 8285 	SH-60J 		24 Kokutai
8286, 8302 		SH-60J 		24 Kokutai

8240, 8256 		SH-60J 		24 Kokutai
The 8240 had no engines and rotorblades, suspected is that
this helicopter is wfu.

8161 			HSS-2B 		pres
9010 			T-34A 		pres

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