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Metabaru 2005

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Date: 28 October 2005

Made by:


Static hangar:
73447/IIIATH		AH-1S		3 Taisensha Herik.     
41825/WH	        UH-1J	        Seibu Homen Herik.     
41892/(WH)	        UH-1J	        (Seibu Homen Herik.)   
41886/IV	        UH-1J	        4 Hikotai              
31211/IV, 31285/IV	OH-6D	        4 Hikotai              
31293/IV		OH-6D	        4 Hikotai              
43125/WH		UH-60JA	        Seibu Homen Herik.     
8235			SH-60J	        124 Kokutai	outside
The 41892 lacked the exterior panel where the unit code is normally painted.

41685/(WH)		UH-1H		nmks
41731/WH		UH-1J		Seibu Homen Herik.
41882/(WH)		UH-1J		nmks

41684/WH, 41711/WH	UH-1H		Seibu Homen Herik.
41732/WH		UH-1H	        Seibu Homen Herik.
41808/WH, 41835/WH	UH-1J	        Seibu Homen Herik.
31227/IIIATH		OH-6D	        3 Taisensha Herik.
31246/IIIATH		OH-6D	        3 Taisensha Herik.
31268/WH, 31292/WH	OH-6D	        Seibu Homen Herik.
31275/IIIATH		OH-6D	        3 Taisensha Herik.
31308/WH		OH-6D	        Seibu Homen Herik.
52965/WH		CH-47JA	        Seibu homen Herik.
43123/WH, 43124/WH	UH-60JA	        Seibu Homen Herik.

3 Taisensha Herikoputatai hangar:
73446/IIIATH		AH-1S		3 Taisensha Herik.
Plus some additional helicopter, among which two OH-6s.

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