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Narashino 2012

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Camp Narashino Open day
Date: 8 January 2012
78-1024, 78-1025 C-1 402 Hikotai  
45-1074, 75-1075 C-130H 401 Hikotai  
73420/IVATH, 73490/IVATH AH-1S 4 Taisensha Herikoputatai  
41731/EH UH-1H Tobu Homen Her./2 Hik  
41802/EH, 41868/EH, UH-1J Tobu Homen Her./2 Hik.  
41922/EH UH-1J Tobu Homen Her./2 Hik.  
32628/IVATH OH-1 4 Taisensha Herikoputatai  
31220/EH OH-6D Tobu Homen Herikoputatai  
52913/XIIH CH-47J 12 Herikoputatai  
52932/HGPIII CH-47J 103 Hikotai  
52956/HGPIII CH-47JA 103 Hikotai  
52917/HGPVI CH-47J 106 Hikotai  
52960/HGPVI CH-47JA 106 Hikotai  
74508/SK AH-64D Kasumigaura Kou  
41725/EH UH-1H Tobu Homen Herikoputatai  
73469/IVATH AH-1S 4 Taisensha Herikoputatai  
52968/HGPVI CH-47JA 106 Hikotai  
43129 UH-60JA nmk  
01021/STH EC225LP Tokubetsu Yuso Her.  
84-23937 UH-60A 78th Avn.  
Credits: Mori Masyoshi, 4Aviation, MAR, Scramble messageboard, Various internet photo sites


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