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Shimofusa 1993

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Date: 23 May 1993

Made by:


78-1023               C-1           402 Hikotai
75-1075               C-130H        401 Hikotai
4779                  P-2J          51 Kokotai
5052                  P-3C          206 Kokotai
6324                  T-5           201 Kokotai
6820                  TC-90         202 Kokotai
8157                  HSS-2B        101 Kokotai
8212                  SH-60J        121 Kokotai
8963                  UH-60J        ARW Atsugi
9079                  US-1A         71 Kokotai
9201                  U-36A         81 Kokotai
31232/IVATH           OH-6D         nn
51812/IIH             KV-107        nn
52907/IIH             CH-47J        nn
73454/IVATH           AH-1S         nn

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