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Utsunomiya 2006

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Date: 21 May 2006

Made by:


85-24451		UH-60A		78th AvnBat      
73467/IVATH		AH-1S	        4 Taisensha Herik
32619/IIATH		OH-1	        Honbu Zukitai    
41806, 41840		UH-1J	        nn               
41807/SU, 41838/SU	UH-1J	        Utsunomiya Bunko 
41846/SK		UH-1J	        Kasumigaura Bunko
41897			UH-1J	        (11 Hikotai)     
31158/SU, 31164/SU	OH-6D	        Utsunomiya Bunko 
31193/SU, 31198/SU	OH-6D	        Utsunomiya Bunko 
31204/SU, 31212/SU	OH-6D	        Utsunomiya Bunko 
31240/SU		OH-6D	        Utsunomiya Bunko 
31288/EH		OH-6D	        Honbu Zukitai    
52901/XII, 52910/IIH	CH-47J	        12 Herikoputatai 
43114, 43118		UH-60JA	        12 Herikoputatai 
43122			UH-60JA	        12 Herikoputatai 
22016/SU		LR-1	        Utsunomiya Bunko 
18-1031			C-1	        402 Hikotai      
68-4564			UH-60J	        Hyakuri Kyunantai
21-5062			T-400	        41 Kyoiku Hikotai
39-3042			U-125A	        Hiko Tenkentai   
6904			YS-11T-A	205 Kyoiku Kokutai
And a small number of light civil helicopters.

43110, 43112		UH-60JA		12 Herikoputatai

11366/SU		L-19E-2
22006/SU		LR-1
31121/IX, 31124/XIII	OH-6D
31141/SU		OH-6D
41601/EH		UH-1H
41630/NEH, 41637/NEH	UH-1H

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