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Yao 1999

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Date: 7 November 1999

Made by:


T-34A    	60509/JG-0509

AH-1S    	73445/VATH   	5 Anti Tank Sqn
AH-1S           73489/VATH      5 Anti Tank Sqn
UH-1H           41658/MH        Chubu Homen Hki
UH-1H           41733/MH        Chubu Homen Hki
UH-1J           41824/MH        Chubu Homen Hki
UH-1J           41857/MH        Chubu Homen Hki
OH-6D           31122/III       3 Hki          
OH-6D           31163/VATH      5 Anti Tank Sqn
OH-6D           31184/III       3 Hki          
OH-6D           31234/VATH      5 Anti Tank Sqn
CH-47J          52913           10 Hki         
UH-60J          43104/SD        Avn School     
LR-1            22007/M         Chubu Homen Hki

AH-1S    	73408/VATH   	5 Anti Tank Sqn
AH-1S           73441/VATH      5 Anti Tank Sqn
UH-1H           41720/MH        Chubu Homen Hki
UH-1H           41726/MH        Chubu Homen Hki
UH-1J           41801/MH        Chubu Homen Hki
UH-1J           41806/MH        Chubu Homen Hki
UH-1J           41850/MH        Chubu Homen Hki
OH-6D           31200/VATH      5 Anti Tank Sqn
OH-6D           31218/III       3 Hki          
OH-6D           31264/VATH      5 Anti tank Sqn
OH-6D           31289/VATH      5 Anti tank Sqn
OH-6D           31300/VATH      5 Anti tank Sqn
CH-47J          52909           10 Hki         
LR-1     	22015/M      	Chubu Homen Hki

5 Anti Tank Sqn:
AH-1S:  73416/VATH, 73417/VATH
        73470/VATH, 73481/VATH

OH-6D:  31196/VATH, 31263/VATH
        31277/VATH, 31286/VATH

Chubu Homen Hki:
UH-1H:  41657/MH, 41694/MH

UH-1J:  41804/MH, 41810/MH
        41845/MH, 41864/MH, 41870/MH

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