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Kuwait Aviation Show 2020

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Kuwait International Airport - Abdullah Al-Mubarak Air Base (Kuwait)

Kuwait Aviation Show

15-17 Januari 2020

Show reports AH 64 KAF004 OKBK 15Jan20 Raymond van Dijkhuizen 1

Two in one stroke. In the front is Kuwaiti AH-64D KAF004 from 17/20sq. In the background is KC-130J KAF326 from 41sq. Both were in the static display area at the Kuwait Aviation Show. (Kuwait International Airport / Abdullah Al-Mubarak Air Base, 15 January 2020, Raymond van Dijkhuizen)

15 January 2020      
MM62218/46-82 C-27J 98° Gruppo TM  
MM7287/4-3 F-2000A 904° GEA  
KAF326 KC-130J 41sq  
422 F/A-18C 25sq 25 Sqn  
KAF004 AH-64D 17/20sq  
KAF556 SA330L 32sq  
MAB C-17A 10sq  
213/MAJ C-130J-30 12sq  
142 Hawk Mk64 12sq  
KAF514 SA342K 33/34sq  
KAF115 Tucano T52 19sq  
KMOI-06 AS365N-3+ Kuwait Police  
MOH-4 Bell 429 Ministry of Health  
Flightline near static:
A7-MAQ, MAR DHC-6-400 SF Skydiving Team  
430/5, 434/3, 435/- MB339NAT Al Fursan  
436/2, 438/1, 440/6 MB339NAT Al Fursan  
441/-, 442/7 MB339NAT Al Fursan  
For Al Fursan see the detailed report in last month’s Military News under United Arab Emirates.      
Flightline military base:
KAF327 KC-130J 41sq  
427 F/A-18C 9sq  
444 F/A-18D 25sq  
KAF002 AH-64D 17/20sq  
KAF013 AH-64D 17/20sq  
KAF558 SA330L 32sq  
KMOI-08 H225 Kuwait Police  
8808, 8811, 8816 Hawk Mk65A Saudi Hawks/88sq  
8817, 8820 Hawk Mk65A Saudi Hawks/88sq  
The Apaches and Hornets took part in the opening flypast and departed for their home bases after that.      
The Cougar flew a mission and moved to the static the next day.      
9K-GFA G550 VIP Transport Flight  
(YI-AKV) Il-76T Zetavia as UR-CPS  
(1630) C-130H-30 16sq  
Plus an unknown C-5M.      
Flying only:
MM7275/4-19 F-2000A 904° GEA  
91-0604/LN F-15E 494th FS  
15-5143/HL F-35A 4th FS plus one more
168637/YR-01 MV-22B VMM-161  
16 January 2020 (only changes to the previous day are noted)      
Flightline military base:
KAF342 C-17A 41sq  
KAF328 KC-130J 41sq  
8818 Hawk Mk65A Saudi Hawks  
KAF323, KAF324 and KAF325 L-100-30 unmarked stored
C-17A Charleston unknown
KC-135   unknown
Flying only:
MM7275/4-19 F-2000A 904° GEA  
91-0312/LN F-15E 492nd FS  
17 January 2020 (only changes to the previous day are noted)      
Police hangar 1 military base:
KMOI-01 EC135T-1 Kuwait Police stored
KMOI-02 EC135T-1 Kuwait Police stored
KMOI-07 AS365N-3+ Kuwait  
Police hangar 2 military base:
KMOI-04 AS365N-3 Kuwait Police stored
Police hangar 3 military base:
KMOI-03 AS365N-3 Kuwait Police wreck
Police hangar 4 military base:
KMOI-05 EC225LP Kuwait Police  
00-0185/AK C-17A 517th AS  
Flying only:
91-0310/LN F-15E 494th FS  
15-5143/HL F-35A 4th FS  
15-5199/HL F-35A 421st FS  

Credits: Raymond van Dijkhuizen, Jurgen van Toor and Patrick Dirksen

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