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Langkawi 2009

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Date: 4-5 December 2009

Made by:


AI-2317 		CN235MPA 	SkU5    
M71-02 		        CL-415MP 	APMM    
M29-19                  F-5E 		12Skn   
M34-17                  MB339CM 	3FTC    
M70-03                  AS365N3 	APMM    
M52-13                  Su-30MKM 	11Skn   
M45-07                  F/A-18D 	18Skn   
M43-03, M43-08 	        MiG-29N 	17/19Skn
M40-22 		        Hawk 208 	15Skn   
M50-02                  PC-7 MkII 	1FTC    
M81-06                  A109LOH 	881Skn  
M502-2                  AS555SN 	502Skn  
M501-2                  S Lynx Mk300 	501Skn  
9M-PTC                  Beech 350 	Polis   
9M-PSO                  Ce208 		Polis                  	

M23-08 			S-61A-4 	3Skn
M30-09, M30-12, M30-16 	C-130H 		20Skn
M34-14, M34-15 		MB339CM 	3FTC
M43-04, M43-10 		MiG-29N 	17/19Skn
M43-11, M43-16 		MiG-29N 	17/19Skn
M44-05 			CN235M 		1Skn
M50-03, M50-09 		PC-7 MkII 	1FTC
M52-11, M52-16 		Su-30MKM 	11Skn
M70-01, M70-02 		AS365N3 	APMM
M71-01 			CL-415MP 	APMM
M81-04 			A109LOH 	881Skn
M502-3 			AS555SN 	502Skn
M501-1 			S Lynx Mk300 	501Skn
M994-02 		Mi-17-1V 	Bomba
M994-03 		Mi-171 		Bomba
067, 068 		AH-64D 		120sq
642, 645 		F-16C 		143sq
A8-125, A8-130 		F-111C 		6sq

Visitors 30 November:
M44-01 			CN235-220M 	1Skn
M50-14 			PC-7 MkII 	1FTC

Visitors 1 December:
M30-16 			C-130H 		20Skn
9M-PSL, 9M-PSN 		Ce208 		Polis

Visitors 5 December:
88192 			CH-47SD 	127sq
M27-09 			Ce402B 		20Skn
M44-08 			Cn235M 		1Skn
M994-04 		Mi-171 		Bomba

Visitors 6 December:
M30-04, M30-06, M30-10 	C-130H-30 	14Skn
M30-12, M30-16 		C-130H-30 	20Skn
M50-19 			PC-7 MkII 	1FTC
9M-BOA 			A109E 		Bomba

M20-09, M20-17 		Alouette 3 	2FTC
9M-BOB 			A109E 		Bomba
9M-PHE, 9M-PHF 		AS355 		Polis
9M-PTB 			Beech 350 	Polis

The Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition,
or LIMA 2009 already experienced its 10th edition. The maritime
part mainly took place, largely unnoticed by non-trade
visitors, in the harbours and bays of Malaysia’s northwestern
island. As opposed to this the airshow happened directly above
the International Airport. As the global economic crisis does not
omit LIMA, organizers thereby had to bemoan some cancelations.
Although this year no display team could be admired, it
offered a 90 minutes flying display with a number of highlights
two times a day.
The biggest part was of course in the hands of the host country.
Thereby the Malaysian Air Force had the chance to present her
MiG-29N in front of a wide audience one last time. The Smokey
Bandits will be withdrawn during 2010 after a period of service
of only about 15 years. The Tentera Udara DiRaja Malaysia
(Royal Malaysian Air Force) demonstrated its current training
tools with the PC-7 Mk II of Swiss production and the brandnew
Aermacchi MB339CM of Italian design which was handed
over officially at LIMA.
The spearhead of national defense was proudly presented in
the air: The force teeming Su-30MKM (M stands for Malaysia).
The Multi-Role-Fighter, accoutered with Thrust-Vector-Control
and Canards, demonstrated its maneuverability in a breath-
taking dynamic display. With this sample of Russian production
the RMAF will be well prepared for the tasks of the upcoming
years. The participation of the host country was completed by
the presentation of a Bombardier CL-415MP of the Malaysian
Maritime Enforcement Agency. The amphibian caught all eyes
with the intake and dropping of 1,622 gallons of sea water.
Foreign countries unfortunately were backing off from participation
in the flying-display. Only the air forces of Singapore and 
Australia were present. From the Asian city state, the F-16C as 
well  as AH-64D Longbow Apache  were  showing  a  corporate 
demonstration of their abilities. Thereby the helicopter gunship 
was demonstrating impressively why it is one of the world’s best: 
Its maneuverability, speed and low acoustic level are search-
ing one’s peers. Outstanding highlights of LIMA 2009 however 
were the daily presentations of the Australian F-111C Aardvark. 
After this parting visit the type will be retired in December 2010. 
The unique Dump & Burn demonstration specially excited the 
40,000  visitors,  not  including  the  many  people  who  watched 
from the outside. Every single display were a welcome reason 
for a family picnic and the airshow will certainly remain in good 
recollection.  Prospectively  in  2011,  LIMA  will  open  its  doors 
again, maybe presenting the successor of the MiG-29N. 
Text by Nicole J. Simon & Sascha Linkemeyer.

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