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Langkawi 2011

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Langkawi  LIMA2011
Date: 3-10 December 2011
A39-003 KC-30A 33Ssq/RAAF  
M34-18 MB339CM 3FTC 5
M40-04 Hawk Mk108 15Skn 5
M44-06 CN235M-220 21Skn?  
M45-02 F/A-18D 18Skn 5
M52-14 Su-30MKM 11Skn  
M70-01 AS365N3 APMM  
M81-03 A109LOH 881Skn 5
M501-4 S. Lynx Mk.300 501Skn  
M502-4 AS555SN 502Skn  
M994-01 Mi-17-1V BOMBA 5
9M-CAL Lj36 Gvmt 5
9M-FCL Lj36 Gvmt 6
263 S-70B 123Sq  
670 F-16D 145Sq  
73-1214 C-12C USE Bangkok 6
161333/LF-333 P-3C VP-16 4
9M-CMD EC145 Sabah Air  
N146UK S-92A Sikorsky  
PK-BVV P180 SusiVIP 4
N888VS G550 WFBN 4
HB-JSN Falcon 7X Dasnair 6
OY-MHA Falcon 2000EX Air Alsie 6
M23-01 S-61A-4 10Skn?  
M29-05 F-5E 12Skn 3-6-2013
M29-18 F-5F 12Skn 4-6-2013
M29-20 RF-5E 12 Skn  
M45-03, M45-05, M45-07 F/A-18D 18 Skn 10
M30-24 Hawk 208 15 Skn  
M30-33, M30-34 Hawk 208 6Skn  
M43-01 MiG-29NUB 17Skn  
M43-03 MiG-29N 17Skn $
M43-04, M43-10 MiG-29N 17Skn  
M43-16, M43-18 MiG-29N 17Skn  
M52-11, M52-12 Su-30MKM 11Skn  
M70-02, M70-03 AS365N3 APMM  
M994-04 Mi-171 BOMBA  
1, 3, 4 Extra 300L Krisakti  
05-5152/HH C-17A 535th AS 4, HiANG
166659/AD-232 F/A-18F VFA-106  
166790/NJ-135 F/A-18F VFA-122  
124/104-GC Rafale C EC03.030  
314/104-HP Rafale B EC03.030  
2016/F-ZWRN EC665 Eurocopter  
KhK21-3/70103 JAS39D 701Sq 5
Kh21-5/70105 JAS39C 701Sq 5
642, 645 F-16C 143Sq  
ZK304/EB Typhoon FGR4 6Sq 4, 6
ZK313/EN Typhoon FGR4 6sq 5
M30-04 C-130H-30 14Skn 7, 9
M30-05 C-130H-30 14Skn 4, 7, 9
M30-06 C-130H-30 14Skn 9
M30-09 C-130H-MP 20Skn 5
M30-11 C-130H-30 20Skn 4-7, 10
M30-12 C-130H-30 20Skn 6, 7
M37-01 Falcon 900 1Skn  
M44-05 CN235M-220 1Skn 3,1
M44-07 CN235M-220VIP 1Skn 4,1
M44-08 CN235M-220VIP 1Skn 5
M48-02 Global Expres 2Skn 5
M501-2 S.Lynx Mk.300 501Skn 6,9
M502-1 AS555SN 502Skn 5-6-2013
9M-PHA, AS555 Polis 5
9M-PHD AS555 Polis 5, 10
9M-PSO Ce208 Polis 4
9M-PTA Beech 350 Polis 6
9M-PTC Beech 350 Polis 5, 10
9M-NAA A319-115XCJ TUDM Govm/1Skn  
712 Fokker 50UTA-A 121Sq 6, 7
88190? CH-47SD 127Sq  
HZ-130 BAe125-800B Royal Flt 5
L8-4/26/60104 C-130H-30 601Sq 5
A7-AAG A320-232CJ Qatar Amiri Flight 6
A7-HJJ A330-202 Qatar Amiri Flight 6
EW-78819 IL-76TD TransAVIAexport  
Although the LIMA can not be compared with an European air show like ILA Berlin, Paris Air Salon or Farnborough it is a great place to visit. The aerial display is divided in two sections of 90 minutes. Participation of neighbouring countries is limited so variation is also not widely spread. Although an Australian KC-30, Singapore F-16s and Thai Gripens remain a joy to the eye. Starting the aerial display on the first couple of days was a F-5 formation performing a base attack, flight past with supporting pyro techniques. Downside to this was that they made only one run, next try is the following day. The RAF Typhoons were deployed from Butterworth as these two airplanes where left behind after ending an exercise two weeks earlier. Next to the aerospace part the LIMA also involves a naval part. The Dauphins of the APMM/Maritim Malaysia flew daily missions to the harbour for SAR-demonstrations and returned afterwards. A Malaysian vessel housed a Super Lynx however this one was flown towards the police station nearby the airport on 6 December. Civilian airliners and government/bizjets also continued operations around the displays. A contest for replacing the aging Mig-29s also brought French Rafales and US Navy Super Hornets to Langkawi.  Perhaps the best feature this year was the display line location, just next to the airport was a small road and neighbourhood community and these people had a complete airshow over their houses. Speed and altitude restrictions, like here in Europe are minor details, creating awesome opportunities for unique action photos. Stars of the show remain the solo display of the Sukhoi 30 and the Smokey Bandits, a Malaysian formation of five Mig-29s including a dual version and a spare one at the ground. On the last day of our stay they also found the flare deploy button however some fine-tuning is welcome as some flares were launched behind mountains, far away from the public.
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All dates are 3 till 10 December, unless stated otherwise


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