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Luqa 1993

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Date: 25 September 1993

Made by: Scramble

Updated: 26 February 2001

MM7040/36-35          Tornado IDS  156ºGr
MM7091/2-01           AMX          14ºGr
MM7148/2-21           AMX          14ºGr
MM81215/15-61         AB212        15ºSt         SAR
F222/64-GV	      C-160NG	   ET64
3763, 3797            F4F          JG74
9H-AAG                AB47G-2      Air Squadron
9H-AAW                Alouette III Air Squadron
9H-ABY                H369HM       Air Squadron
9H-ACC                O-1E         Air Squadron
XH168/AB              Canberra PR9 39sq
XX901                 BuccaneerS2B 208sq
XX226, XX236/PK       Hawk T1      74sq
XX303/PF              Hawk T1      74sq
XX741/EJ              Jaguar GR1A  6sq
XX965/PF              Jaguar GR1A  16sq
ZA544/TP     	      Tornado GR1T 15sq
ZA600/F     	      Tornado GR1  15sq
ZG860/T, ZG472        Harrier GR7  SAOEU
162178/045	      C-2A	   VRC-40 (on 24th and 27th)
160156/700            S-3B         VS-32
163471/312            F/A-18C      VFA-82
161011/011            P-3C         VP-26
CS-TGL                ATP          Air Malta
Mi-8                  RA-26439     Malta Air Charter
EN199                 Spitfire     private

9H-AAV, 9H-AAX        Alouette III Air Squadron

The following Alpha Jets of the Patrouille de France:
E23/8, E37/1, E38/9, E72/3, E89/2, E121/7
E125/4, E126/6, E132/5, E140/0

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