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Luqa 2000

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Date: 24 September 2000

Made by: Scramble, Herc Flyer, Richard de Wit


P166DL3, Guardia Costiera
The show at Luqa always draws some extraordinary Italian participants to the sunny island of Malta. Among this year's Italian delegation was this Piaggio P166 DL3 of the Guardia Costiera. The MM25160/8-02 operates with 3º Nucleo Aereo.

Photo Richard de Wit

More pictures of this airshow, see f4 Aviation

* = also flying
3H-FE*, 3H-FO*		PC-7		FlSchule
AT24			Alpha Jet E	1w
CS03			HS748-2A	21sm
FA116*			F-16A		2w
FA136*			F-16A		10w
5098			C-160D		LTG61
3786, 3832		F-4F		JG71
4461, 4525		Tornado IDS	AG51
4531, 4538*, 4574*	Tornado IDS	MFG2
6105			Br1150		MFG3
R157/61-ZW*		C-160R		ET00.061
64/33-FK*		Mirage F1C	EC03.033
211/33-FQ*		Mirage F1C-200	EC03.033
507/33-FA*		Mirage F1B	EC03.033
36			Falcon 50SURMAR	24F
MM40121/41-06*		Br1150		88º Gr
MM5026N/6-25		SH-3D		3º Grupelicot
MM81186/6-35*		SH-3H		3º Grupelicot
MM81344/15-32		HH-3F		85º Centro
MM81209*, MM81375	AB212AM		MICTM
MM7008			Tornado IDS	nb
MM55007/36-55		Tornado IDS	156º Gr
MM54463/61-17		MB339A		212º Gr
MM55052/61-96		MB339A		212º Gr
MM55070/61-136		MB339CD		212º Gr
MM55074/61-142		MB339CD		212º Gr
MM7101			AMX		103º Gr, spec c/s
MM55043/51-10		AMX-T		103º Gr
MM55046/32-47		AMX-T		101º Gr
MM55051/32-42		AMX-T		101º Gr
MM61955			PD808GE2	71º Gr
MM25160/8-02		P166DL3		3º Nucleo Aereo
MM81465/GF-213		AB412HP		GdiF
PS-A96			P64B		1º RV
J-144*, J-365*		F-16AM		315sq
J-193			F-16AM		311sq
J-264			F-16B		312sq
J-644			F-16A		306sq
J-654			F-16BM		311sq
U-01*			Fokker60UTA-N	334sq
WJ874 "VN799/P"		Canberra T4	39(1PRU)sq
XV177/177*		Hercules C3	LTW
XV236/36*		Nimrod MR2	Kinloss MRW
XX172			Hawk T1		208(R)sq
ZA596			Tornado GR4	14sq
ZD847/AA		Tornado GR4	9sq
ZG859/91*		Harrier GR7	nn
90-0530			C-26D		Sigonella AOD
71-0882			C-9A		75th AS
96-0201/LN, 96-0204/LN	F-15E		492nd FS
97-0219/LN, 98-0131/LN	F-15E		492nd FS
AS7201			AB47G-2		AS/2Reg
AS9617			SA316B		AS/2Reg
AS9819			BN-2B-26	AS/2Reg
AS0020			Bulldog T1	AS/2Reg
And the following Hawk T1(T1A)s of the Red Arrows:
XX156	XX227	XX233	XX237	XX253	XX260
XX264	XX292	XX306	XX307	XX308

Additional aircraft logged on the 22nd:
AS9616			BN-2B-26	AS/2Reg
AS9213			NH500M		AS/2Reg   
AS9214			NH500M		std as 9H-ABZ
AS9211, AS9212		SA316B		AS/2Reg
AS9315, AS9618		SA316B		AS/2Reg
AS9206, AS9208		O-1E		AS/2Reg
AS9209, AS9210		O-1E		AS/2Reg
9H-ACB			O-1E		AS/2Reg
AS7204			Bell 47G-2	AS/2Reg
AS0021, AS0022, AS0023	Bulldog T1	AS/2Reg
And finally two more Italiaanse AB412s which are permanently
detached at Luqa for rescue operations.

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