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Acapulco 2003

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Date: 9 March 2003

Made by:


3101			An-32B		EA.301			c/n 3306        
3609	                C-130A		EA.302              
4501	                F-5F		EA.401	(ex 81-0639)
1093 (ex OES-1193)	S-70A-24A	EA.101			c/n 70.2064
MT-211			C212-200	SEGESCPAT
ME-120			Lancair Spr ES	EAN (ex EX-02)
ME-121, ME-123		Lancair Spr ES	EAN               
ME-201, ME-202	        Zlin 242L	EAN			c/n 0749, 0750
ME-203, ME-208	        Zlin 242L	EAN			c/n 0751, 0758
ME-209		        Zlin 242L	EAN			c/n 0759      
XC-FEZ		        Ce550		DGAC                      
XC-BAT		        Bell 212	PGR               
XC-COF, XC-DAS	        Bell 206B-3	PGR               
XC-HAI, XC-KAR	        Bell 206B-3	PGR               
XC-LFA, XC-LFM	        Bell 206L-4	PGR               
XC-LFP, XC-LFS	        Bell 206L-4	PGR               
XC-LFY, XC-LHC	        Bell 206L-4	PGR               
XC-PFY		        Bell 206L-4	PGR               
XC-AA97, XC-DEI	        Ce206		PGR                       
XC-KAT		        Ce206	        PGR               
XC-AA4		        Ce210	        PGR               
XC-SST		        Ce550	        PGR               
XC-AA53		        G-I	        PGR (wreck)       
XC-BBF, XC-HGR	        UH-1H	        PGR               
XC-JAA, XC-JAV	        UH-1H	        PGR               
XC-JAX		        UH-1H	        PGR               
1700		        HC-130H	        USCG Sacramento   

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