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Toluca 2007

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Date: 24-28 May 2007

Made by:


3616 			C-130K 		EA.302                
4506, 4507 	        F-5E 		EA.401                
3016 		        IAI102 		EA.301                
1155 		        MD530MG 	EA.112 		0123FF
1713 		        Mi-8MTV-1 	EA.303                
N83EX 		        Falcon 2000EX 	Dassault              
N336CJ 		        Ce525A 		Cessna                
N556JT 		        ERJ135BJ 	Embraer               
N850PW 		        TBM-850 	EADS                  
N7030B 		        Beech C90GT 	Hawker Beechcraft     
N37086 		        Raytheon 390 	Hawker Beechcraft     
VH-AQF 		        GA-8 		Gippsland             
XA-RMZ 		        EC120B                                
XC-GDF/10 	        AS350B3 	Policia DF 	4135  

EPS-84 			PT-13 		preserved

C-FGZJ 			F-27J 		wfu
TG-AMI 		        RC681 		wfu
XA-CHP 		        Sabre 60 	wfu
XB-EMX 		        DC-3 		wfu

Interjet, A320: XA-ACO, XA-AIJ, XA-ALM, XA-IJA, XA-IJT,
Volaris, A319: 	N472TA, N474TA, N501VL, XA-VOA, XA-VOB,

N7PS, N780CA 		P180        
N24JZ 		        Lj24B       
N24XR, N322RS 	        Lj24D       
N94AE 		        G-IV        
N100GS 		        Beech 60    
N118B 		        L-1329-2    
N134CG, N685RC 	        Lj31A       
N218TJ 		        BAe125-1A   
N223LB 		        Sabre 65    
N267JE, N941CE 	        BAe125-700A 
N343PR 		        Raytheon 390
N400VC                  Lj25XR      
N416SJ                  L-1329-731  
N588AT                  G450        
N603TS                  BAe125-600A 
N610RA                  Sabre 60    
N616CS                  Ce680       
N628HC, N899GA 	        G-II        
N700PV 		        TBM-700B    
N717TG                  Beech 400A  
N748TS                  BAe125-731  
N841CW                  Ce501       
N882CA                  Lj45        
N900QS                  Ce750       
N900WY                  CL-300      
N11887                  Sabre 80A   
RA-86583 	        IL-62M      
XA-AAS 		        Do328-300   
XA-ACH, XA-TMX 	        Ce650       
XA-ADJ, XA-LNK          Lj24        
XA-ADQ, XA-UGN          SA227       
XA-AEX, XA-ASI          G-IV        
XA-AFP, XA-ESC          G-IISP      
XA-AGT, XA-ATE          Sabre 60    
XA-AIM, XA-QUE          Lj45        
XA-AJL, XA-AVV          Lj25B       
XA-ALT 		        Beech 300   
XA-AST 			CL-604      
XA-BAE 		        Ce750       
XA-BAL, XA-CPQ 	        G-V         
XA-BNG 		        Beech 400   
XA-BUX, XA-ORO 	        Lj35A       
XA-CHP, XA-DSC 	        Sabre 60    
XA-CHR, XA-EYA 	        G-IVSP      
XA-CMG 		        BAe111-401AK
XA-DIJ 		        Lj24D       
XA-DUC, XA-MSA 	        Falcon 20F  
XA-ELM, XA-TVI          BAe125-800A 
XA-EMO, XA-HNY          L-1329-8    
XA-ERH, XA-RCM          G-III       
XA-FLY, XA-KCM          Lj60        
XA-FMR, XA-JOC          Lj25D       
XA-FNY 		        G-IISP      
XA-FRD, XA-JCP 	        CL-300      
XA-GAO, XA-LMG 	        Beech 400A  
XA-GAP 		        Sabre 65    
XA-GCD, XA-GME 	        CL-601-3A   
XA-GEL 		        BN-2A-21    
XA-GGG, XA-POG 	        Lj25B       
XA-GIC 		        BAe125-800SP
XA-GMR, XA-TVS 	        Ce208B      
XA-GTE, XA-JCT 	        BAe125-800XP
XA-GUR, XA-PRO 	        Sabre 60    
XA-GYA, XA-LOF 	        Ce550       
XA-ICO 		        Ce560XL     
XA-JET, XA-TYK 	        BAe125-800XP
XA-JJS, XA-RBS 	        G-IV        
XA-JSC, XA-MCC 	        Lj25XR      
XA-KIM 		        CL-601      
XA-KLZ, XA-MDM 	        Lj60        
XA-LML, XA-UEY 	        Sabre 40A   
XA-MAM 			Falcon 20     
XA-MAV 		        Falcon 2000   
XA-MBM, XA-UEX 	        BAe125-731    
XA-MDK 		        G200          
XA-MEG 		        IAI1125SPX    
XA-MEX, XA-TWW 	        Beech 400A    
XA-MKY 		        BAe125-600A   
XA-MMX 		        Ce560XLS      
XA-MYR 		        G-I           
XA-NJM 		        Lj40          
XA-NLA, XA-NLK 	        Lj24          
XA-OLE 		        Lj31A         
XA-OVR 		        Global Express
XA-PCA, XA-UES 	        PC-12/45      
XA-PES, XA-SOY 	        L-1329-8      
XA-PIU, XA-SKA 	        Lj25D         
XA-RAP, XA-RLL 	        Sabre 60      
XA-RGH, XA-WIN 	        Lj35A         
XA-RLS, XA-SAH 	        Sabre 60      
XA-RMT 		        Lj45          
XA-RWR 		        PA-31T        
XA-SJS, XA-VMC 	        Lj25B         
XA-SOR 		        CL-601-3R     
XA-SSV, XA-STI 	        Sabre 60      
XA-TAB 		        Falcon 50     
XA-TEL 		        Falcon 900B   
XA-TMZ, XA-TRE 	        Ce650         
XA-TOR 		        RC690         
XA-TPU, XA-TSS 	        Sabre 60      
XA-TSZ 			Sabre 75A   
XA-TTT                  Lj24B       
XA-TVH                  Ce550       
XA-TVK                  L-1329-731  
XA-TWK                  Ce208       
XA-TYW                  Lj25G       
XA-UBK                  BAe125-1A   
XA-UDW                  Falcon 50EX 
XA-UEV                  Beech 400A  
XA-UGO                  BAe125-800XP
XA-WWW                  Lj25B       
XA-YUR                  Falcon 20F  
XA-ZAP                  Lj35A       
XB-AHK                  Beech C90B  
XB-ANX                  Ce310R      
XB-EFN                  MU-2B       
XB-ESX                  Sabre 60A   
XB-ETV, XB-JMR 		Sabre 60
XB-GLZ 			Ce550      
XB-IPX 		        BAe125-731 
XB-IXE, XB-PBT 	        Ce500      
XB-JNN 		        Beech C90A 
XB-JTG 		        Sabre 60   
XB-JZP, XB-RHO 	        Beech 200  
XB-KLY, XB-SAH 	        RC690      
XB-USD 		        Lj35A      
XC-AAF 		        MD600N     
XC-FIL 		        Bell 206B-3
XC-GAS 		        RC690      
XC-GTO, XC-MMM 	        Ce500      
XC-HIS 		        Lj25D      
XC-LIE 		        G-I        
XC-TJN 		        Beech 200  

The bi-annual Aeroexpo was held for the second time at
Toluca, Mexico City’s biz-jet heaven. The static display
consisted of a variety of aircraft ranging from helicopters to
military transports and various flavours of biz jets - something
for everybody. The only way to make decent pictures of the
static was to be very early on weekdays, before the large
crowds moved in. Some of the helicopters could be found at
the Santa Fe Expo centre, which could be reached by transport
included in the 250 pesos entrance fee to the Aeroexpo. No
aerial demonstrations were flown, but there is a nice mix of
biz-jet and commercial traffic all day long. Both Volaris and
Interjet are based at Toluca and their entire fleets could be
logged. The real treats here are the hordes of old biz-jets
which can be seen, provided that permission is obtained to
enter the hangars and fenced off areas. It is possible to get
into a number of these areas and hangars with some
persuasion and having names of the right people, and/or
being accompanied by local aviation enthusiasts. The report
is based on tours through these areas and hangars.

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