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De Kooy 1993

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Date: 2 July 1993

Made by: Scramble


MT26                  CM170R        33sm
S-175                 Lynx Mk80     Esk722
8304                  Sea Lynx Mk88 MFG3
623                   Lynx HAS2(FN) 34F
803                   Lynx HAS4(FN) 31F
WB271/204-R	      Firefly AS5   FAA Hist Flt
XX441/538-CU          Gazelle HT2   705sq
ZE440/578-CU	      Jetstream T3  750sq
XZ248/305, XZ257/303  Lynx HAS3     815sq
XZ726/306             Lynx HAS3     815sq
XZ728/741, ZD566/637  Lynx HAS3     702sq
LS326/2-L             Swordfish Mk2 FAAHF
XT795                 Wasp HAS1     '235/K'
0512                  Sokol W3      PWL
A-324, A-350, A-398   Alouette 3    GPH
A-453, A-465          Alouette 3    GPH
B-64, B-71	      Bo105CB	    299sq
H-20                  Alouette 3    SAR Flt
265                   SH-14D        860sq
266, 269, 278, 282    SH-14B        860sq
6-43                  Sea Fury FB51 MLM
N8233		      DH-82A	    
PH-IIB                AT16ND        SVGR 'B-118'
PH-LSK                AT16ND        SVGR 'B-64'
PH-MLM                AT16ND        SVGR 'B-71'
PH-MNZ                Do228-212     Kustwacht
PH-RPM                BN-2T         Rijkspolitie
PH-SBK                Be200         MLD

264                   SH-14D        860sq
274, 276, 279         SH-14B        860sq
280, 283              SH-14B        860sq

Flying only:
85-0836/HO            F-117A        415th FS
C-10		      F27-300M	    334sq
J-624		      F-16A	    311sq
304		      P-3C	    MARPAT

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