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De Peel 1980

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Date: 20 September 1980

Made by: Hans


4064            Alpha Jet A         Luftwaffe JBG49  
3508            RF-4E               Luftwaffe AKG52  
3514            RF-4E               Luftwaffe AKG52  
3517            RF-4E               Luftwaffe AKG52  
3530            RF-4E               Luftwaffe AKG52  
3572            RF-4E               Luftwaffe AKG52  
31/30-MD        Mirage F.1C         AdlA ECTT2/30  
XV795/AF        Harrier GR.3        RAF 3sq  
XZ134/AJ        Harrier GR.3        RAF 3sq  
MM6732/36-15    F-104S              AMI 36st/12gr  
MM6818/36-01    F-104S              AMI 36st/12gr  
79-0104/WR      A-10A               USAF 81TFW  
79-0114/WR      A-10A               USAF 81TFW  
79-0019/CR      F-15C               USAF 32TFS  
67-14652        OV-10A              USAF 601TCW/20TASS 
PH-FTU          F.27-200MPA         Fokker  
B-43            Bo.105CB            GpLV 299sq  
B-71            Bo.105CB            GpLV 299sq  
A-253           SE.3160             GpLV  
A-350           SE.3160             GpLV  
A-351           SE.3160             GpLV  
A-398           SE.3160             GpLV  
A-406           SE.3160             GpLV  
A-499           SE.3160             GpLV  
C-10            F.27-300M           KLu 334sq  
J-221           F-16A               KLu  
J-229           F-16A               KLu  
D-5804          TF-104G             KLu  
D-6666          F-104G              KLu 311sq  
D-6668          F-104G              KLu 312sq  
D-6670          F-104G              KLu 312sq  
D-6681          F-104G              KLu 312sq  
D-6684          F-104G              KLu 311sq  
D-6695          F-104G              KLu 312sq  
D-6699          F-104G              KLu 312sq  
D-8022          F-104G              KLu 311sq  
D-8052          RF-104G             KLu 306sq  
D-8061          F-104G              KLu 312sq  
D-8082          F-104G              KLu 322sq  
D-8091          F-104G              KLu 312sq  
D-8104          F-104G              KLu 311sq  
D-8114          F-104G              KLu 311sq  
D-8125          RF-104G             KLu 306sq  
D-8245          F-104G              KLu 312sq  
D-8256          F-104G              KLu 311sq  
D-8257          F-104G              KLu 311sq  
D-8258          F-104G              KLu 311sq  
D-8259          F-104G              KLu 311sq  
D-8266          F-104G              KLu 311sq  
D-8282          F-104G              KLu 312sq  
D-8286          F-104G              KLu  
D-8300          F-104G              KLu 311sq  
D-8312          F-104G              KLu 312sq  
D-8337          F-104G              KLu 312sq  
D-8338          F-104G              KLu 312sq  
K-3003          NF-5A               KLu 315sq  
K-3019          NF-5A               KLu 315sq  
K-3038          NF-5A               KLu 315sq  
K-3041          NF-5A               KLu 313sq  
K-3042          NF-5A               KLu 315sq  
K-3045          NF-5A               KLu 315sq  
K-4014          NF-5B               KLu 313sq  
H-81            SE.3160             KLu SAR-flight  
250/V           SP-13A              MLD 321sq  
266/K           SH-14B              MLD 860sq 

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