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Deelen 1978

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Date: 15/17 June 1978

Made by: Willy Metze, Ron Nieuwland

Updated: 4 November 1999

D8090                 F-104G                       NO.322/323 SQN 
D8091		      F-104G			   NO.312 SQN			special c/s
D6695                 RF-104G                      NO.306 SQN 
K4029                 NF-5B                        NO.313 SQN 
K3030                 NF-5A                        NO.316 SQN HIKE FOUR 
K3031                 NF-5A                        NO.316 SQN HIKE FOUR 
K3033                 NF-5A                        NO.316 SQN HIKE FOUR 
K3043                 NF-5A                        NO.316 SQN HIKE FOUR 
K3048                 NF-5A                        NO.316 SQN HIKE FOUR 
K3063                 NF-5A                        NO.316 SQN HIKE FOUR 
K3066                 NF-5A                        KLu
10152     C1          F27-100                      NO.334 SQN 
10150     C3          F27M-300                     NO.334 SQN 
10154     C4          F27M-300                     NO.334 SQN 
10156     C6          F27M-300                     NO.334 SQN 
10159     C9          F27M-300                     NO.334 SQN 
10161     C11         F27M-300                     NO.334 SQN 
255       V           SP13A                        NO.321 SQN 
          N122        HUNTER F.MK.4                NO.325 SQN 
          N144        HUNTER F.MK.4                NO.325 SQN 
          MZ236/N     AUSTER MkIII
          B71	      HARVARD
          O36	      HILLER RAVEN
          R4907(G-ANCS) TIGER MOTH
          219	      Fokker D21 replica
          241	      Fokker D21 replica
53-6678   P172        F-84F                        NO.315 SQN 
51-9028   M5          T-33A                        NO.313 SQN TVO 
7362      L17         S14                          NO.313 SQN TVO 
          I19         METEOR T.MK.7                NO.322 SQN 
55-4582   S6          U-6A                         NO.300 SQN 
53-4785   R87         L-18C                        NO.298 SQN 
54-2451   R161        L-21B                        NO.298 SQN 
          H20         SA316                        NO.298 SQN SAR 
1367      H67         SA316                        NO.298 SQN SAR 
1209      A209        SA316                        NO.298 SQN 
1260      A260        SA316                        NO.298 SQN 
1266      A266        SA316                        NO.298 SQN 
1267      A267        SA316                        NO.298 SQN 
1292      A292        SA316                        NO.298 SQN 
1301      A301        SA316                        NO.298 SQN 
1302      A302        SA316                        NO.298 SQN 
1324      A324        SA316                        NO.298 SQN 
1342      A342        SA316                        NO.298 SQN 
1350      A350        SA316                        NO.298 SQN 
1390      A390        SA316                        NO.298 SQN 
1391      A391        SA316                        NO.298 SQN 
1398      A398        SA316                        NO.298 SQN 
1406      A406        SA316                        NO.298 SQN 
1471      A471        SA316                        NO.298 SQN 
1494      A494        SA316                        NO.298 SQN 
1499      A499        SA316                        NO.298 SQN 
1500      A500        SA316                        NO.298 SQN 
1514      A514        SA316                        NO.298 SQN 
          A550        SA316                        NO.298 SQN 
	  A208	      SA316			   Grasshoppers
	  A235	      SA316			   Grasshoppers
	  A319	      SA316			   Grasshoppers
	  A374	      SA316			   Grasshoppers
	  A536	      SA316			   Grasshoppers
S238      B38         BO105                        NO.299 SQN 
	  B39         BO105                        NO.299 SQN 
	  B45         BO105                        NO.299 SQN 
S247      B47         BO105                        NO.299 SQN
 	  B69         BO105                        NO.299 SQN 
S270      B70         BO105                        NO.299 SQN 
S246      B46         BO105                        NO.298 SQN 
S268      B68         BO105                        NO.298 SQN 
S271      B71         BO105                        NO.298 SQN 
S272      B72         BO105                        NO.298 SQN 
S273      B73         BO105                        NO.298 SQN 
S274      B74         BO105                        NO.298 SQN 
S275      B75         BO105                        NO.298 SQN 
S278      B78         BO105                        NO.298 SQN 
S279      B79         BO105                        NO.298 SQN 
F.9687    242/K       AH12                         NO.860 SQN MLD 
	  260/K	      H12			   MLD
	  263/K	      H12			   MLD
0023      265/K       SH14                         NO.7 SQN MLD 
6275      E32         S11                          NO.  SQN MLD 
XM570                 VULCAN B.MK.2                NO.35 SQN 
XZ394     CQ          JAGUAR GR.MK.1               NO.20 SQN 
XX753     05          JAGUAR GR.MK.1               NO.226 SQN 
XW630     G           HARRIER GR.MK.3              NO.3 SQN 
XW763     K           HARRIER GR.MK.3              NO.3 SQN 
XW545     O           BUCCANEER S.MK.2B            NO.16 SQN 
68-0224		      C-5A			   USAF
76-0019   BT          F-15A                        36TFW/22TFS 
76-0022   BT          F-15A                        36TFW/22TFS 
70-2415   LN          F-111F                       48TFW 
70-2419   LN          F-111F                       48TFW 
74-1053   CR          F-4E                         32TFS/17AF 
67-14697              OV-10A                       601TCW/20TASS 
62-4461		      T-39			   USAF
68-15847              CH-47C                       205AV.COY 
70-16087              AH-1S                        8CAV 
70-15102              OH-58A                       8CAV 
D556      32+86       G91R3                        LEKG43 
0001      98+33       ALPHA JET                    EST61 
4112      58+37       DO28D2                       UU 
V65-072   84+74       CH-53G                       MHFTR15 
V65-074   84+76       CH-53G                       MHFTR15 
V65-088   84+80       CH-53G                       MHFTR15 
V65-089   84+91       CH-53G                       MHFTR15 
2040-662  77+32       SA318 
351154    AT154       SK35XD                       ESK.725 
56-3842   GT842       F-100F                       ESK.727 
224       MT50        CM170R                       7/9 SMALDEEL 
55-3082   FT37        T-33A                        11 SMALDEEL 
24        BA24        MIRAGE VBA                   2WG/2SMALDEEL 
..        H201        H500M                        HAERENS FLYVE-TJAEN. 
MM6249	  1	      G91			   FRECCE TRICOLORI
MM....	  2	      G91			   FRECCE TRICOLORI
MM....	  4	      G91			   FRECCE TRICOLORI
MM6265    5	      G91			   FRECCE TRICOLORI
MM6242    6	      G91			   FRECCE TRICOLORI
MM6241	  9	      G91			   FRECCE TRICOLORI
MM6244	  10	      G91			   FRECCE TRICOLORI
MM6248	  12	      G91			   FRECCE TRICOLORI
MM6264	  -	      G91			   FRECCE TRICOLORI
48-5784   E           B-17G                        ?? 
41-51132              B-25J                        ?? 
PH-BKT		      "Fw190"
PH-KLU		      "Fw190"

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