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Gilze-Rijen 1997

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Date: 5 July 1997

Made by: Scramble, J. de Kort


07                 J-35OE             FlRg2/UbG/1 
3C-OC              OH-58B             FlRg1/3 
3E-KJ              SE3160             FlRg2/HG/1 
5S-TB              SC7-3M             FlRg1/4 

A74                Alouette 2         SLV 

Czech Republic 
9013               Su-25K             322tlt 

H-205              OH-6A              OBSHELKMp 
P-287              AS550C2            PVHKMp 

41/5-AH            Mirage 2000C       EC03.005 
42/5-NJ            Mirage 2000C       EC01.005 
4026/BXK           SA342M             4EHA/3RHC 
23                 Super Etendard     17F 
39                 Super Etendard     17F 

4605               Tornado            MFG2 
8708               Bo105P             HFR16 

MM6704/5-44        F-104S-ASA         23 Gr 
MM6810/5-41        F-104S-ASA         23 Gr 
MM7140/51-34       AMX                103 Gr 
MM7152/51-35       AMX                103 Gr 

LX-N90447          E-3A               NAEWF 

A-275              Alouette 3         299sq 
B-43               Bo105CB            299sq 
B-71               Bo105CB            299sq         (near HAS 615) 
D-663              CH-47D             298sq 
J-257              F-16A              315sq         special c/s 
J-262              F-16B              313sq 
J-864              F-16A              306sq/nb 
L-02               PC-7               131EMVOsq 
S-450              AS532U2            300sq 
T-264              KDC-10             334sq 
U-01               Fokker 60UTA       334sq 
V-11               G.1159C            334sq 
85-25471           AH-64A             301sq 
86-8983            AH-64A             301sq         (near HAS 617) 

1303               MiG-29UB           31SLK 

L9-53              PC-9               15Brg 

35601/01           J-35J              F10 
60146/146          Sk60E MT           F5 

J-3092             F-5E               FlSt11 
J-5232             F/A-18D            FlSt17/nb 

United Kingdom 
XX439              Gazelle AH1        1Rgt 
ZD378/26           Harrier GR7        3sq 
ZD379/27           Harrier GR7        3sq 
XZ614/X            Lynx AH7           847sq 
ZG886              Lynx AH9           653sq 
XV708/CU-501       Sea King HAS6      810sq 
XV709/585          Sea King HAS6      706sq 
ZA295/VM           Sea King HC4       846sq 
ZA409/FQ           Tornado GR1B       12sq 

United States 
57-1474/D          KC-135R            351st ARS 
79-0025/SP         F-15C              53rd FS 
90-0262/LN         F-15E              492nd FS 
89-2023/AV         F-16C              555th FS 
90-0795/AV         F-16D              555th FS 
96-26690           UH-60L             C/7-158th AVN 
160396/AJ-213      F-14A              VF-14 
163049/AJ-622      EA-6B              VAQ-141 
164628/AJ-414      F/A-18C            VFA-87 
164631/AJ-312      F/A-18C            VFA-15 

Inside tents: 
85-25430           AH-64A             301sq 

D-5805             TF-104G            (near HAS 618) 
K-3003             NF-5A              'K-3066' 
O-36               OH-23C             inside tent 
P-191              F-84F              314sq mks 
R-87               L-18R              inside tent 

08                 J-35OE             FlSt2/UbG/1     special c/s 

AT03               Alpha Jet          1w 
AT25               Alpha Jet          1w              special c/s 
CB02               B727-29C           21sm 
H13                A109HO             SLV 
MT36               CM170R             33sm            special c/s 
MT48               CM170R             33sm            Red Devil c/s 
ST21               SF260M             5sm             special c/s 
ST22               SF260M             5sm             special c/s 
ST35               SF260M             5sm             Special c/s 

Czech Republic 
1002               Su-25K             322tlt 
2602               L-410UVP           61dlt 

2327/AIP           AS532UL            4RHCMS 
E21/7-PM           Jaguar E           EC02.007 
E30/7-PK           Jaguar E           EC02.007 
E37/7-PQ           Jaguar E           EC02.007 

8426               CH-53G             HFR35 
8502               CH-53G             HFR35 
8654               Bo105P             HFR16 
8686               Bo105P             HFR16 

MM62126/46-26      G222TCM            2 Gr 
MM54478/0          MB339PAN           Frecce Tricolori 
MM54551/2          MB339PAN           Frecce Tricolori 
MM54517/3          MB339PAN           Frecce Tricolori 
MM54500/4          MB339PAN           Frecce Tricolori 
MM54536/5          MB339PAN           Frecce Tricolori 
MM54439/6          MB339PAN           Frecce Tricolori 
MM54483/7          MB339PAN           Frecce Tricolori 
MM54473/8          MB339PAN           Frecce Tricolori 
MM54477/9          MB339PAN           Frecce Tricolori 
MM54479/10         MB339PAN           Frecce Tricolori 
MM54485/11         MB339PAN           Frecce Tricolori 

A-246              Alouette 3         299sq 
A-247              Alouette 3         299sq 
A-260              Alouette 3         299sq 
A-292              Alouette 3         299sq 
B-38               Bo105CB            299sq 
B-39               Bo105CB            299sq 
B-44               Bo105CB            299sq 
B-47               Bo105CB            299sq 
B-66               Bo105CB            299sq 
B-68               Bo105CB            299sq 
B-70               Bo105CB            299sq 
B-74               Bo105CB            299sq 
B-80               Bo105CB            299sq 
D-662              CH-47D             298sq 
D-665              CH-47D             298sq 
D-666              CH-47D             298sq 
G-273              C-130H-30          334sq 
G-275              C-130H-30          334sq 
J-364              F-16A              322sq             special c/s 
J-878              F-16A              322sq 
L-03               PC-7               131EMVOsq 
L-07               PC-7               131EMVOsq 
R-01               AB412SP            SAR Flt 
R-03               AB412SP            SAR Flt 
S-438              AS532U2            300sq 
S-440              AS532U2            300sq 
S-444              AS532U2            300sq 
T-235              KDC-10             334sq 
U-05               Fokker 50          334sq 
U-06               Fokker 50          334sq 
85-25472           AH-64A             301sq 
85-25474           AH-64A             301sq 
85-25480           AH-64A             301sq 
85-25482           AH-64A             301sq 
85-25485           AH-64A             301sq 
86-8970            AH-64A             301sq 
86-9029            AH-64A             301sq 

2506               An-26              32ZmDK 
6930               MiG-29             31SLK 

L9-51              PC-9               15Brg 
S5-BAD             L-410UVP-E         15Brg 

35556/56           J-35J              F10 
35595/51           J-35J              F10 

United Kingdom 
XW897              Gazelle AH1        670sq Blue Eagles 
XZ327              Gazelle AH1        670sq Blue Eagles 
XZ333              Gazelle AH1        670sq Blue Eagles 
ZA737              Gazelle AH1        670sq Blue Eagles 
XX231              Hawk T1            19(R)sq 
XX244              Hawk T1            19(R)sq 
XV300              Hercules C1        LTW 
XX745/D            Jaguar GR1A        16sq 
XZ675/E            Lynx AH7           671sq Blue Eagles 
ZD281/K            Lynx AH7           671sq Blue Eagles 
ZE376/4            Lynx AH9           659sq 
ZE380/3            Lynx AH9           659sq 
ZG888              Lynx AH9           659sq 
ZG917/9            Lynx AH9           659sq 
ZG919              Lynx AH9           659sq 
ZA322/B-50         Tornado GR1        TTTE 
ZA360/B-56         Tornado GR1        TTTE 
ZF136              Tucano T1          1FTS 
ZF292              Tucano T1          1FTS 

F-16 assault: 
J-021              F-16A              312sq 
J-065              F-16B              311sq 
J-201              F-16A              312sq 
J-241              F-16A              311sq 
J-250              F-16A              311sq 
J-633              F-16A              306sq 
J-648              F-16A              306sq 
J-879              F-16A              312sq 

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