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Gilze-Rijen 2005

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Date: 17/18 June 2005

Made by: Scramble, Paul Rushton, René Kerk, Menso van Westrhenen


H38			A109BA		17sq MRH
285			GomhouriaMk8	wfu/Egypt AF
627/3-JL, 643/3-JD	Mirage 2000D	EC02.003
50+68			C-160D		LTG61
45+53			Tornado IDS	JBG33
38+60			F-4F		Flz F-4F
72+27, 72+95		UH-1D		THR10
86+66			Bo105P1		HFVS910          
87+69	                Bo105P1		KHR26            
82+52	                EC135T1		HFWS             
84+32	                CH-53G		MTHR25           
71743	                F-4E (AUP)	339 MPK  
240	                Beech 200	102sq/IAC
LX-N90451		E-3A		NAEW&CF
13			J35Ö		FlRgt 2
5S-TA			SC7-3M		FlRgt 1
15108, 15109		F-16A		Esq201
69-7459, 69-7484	RF-4E		113 Filo
XX205			Hawk T1		208(R)sq	spec mks
XX245			Hawk T1		208(R)sq
XX289/CO		Hawk T1A	100sq
XV246			Nimrod MR2	Kinloss MRW
XV707/84		S King ASAC7	849sq
63-8871/D		KC-135R		351st ARS
91-0310/LN		F-15E		494th FS
B-38			Bo105CB		i/a
D-664			CH-47D		298sq
J-013			F-16AM		312sq
J-226, J-248		F-16A		i/a
L-08			PC-7		131EMVOsq
Q-01, Q-17, Q-22, Q-29	AH-64D		301sq
Q-26			AH-64D		301sq		in An-124   
S-456	                AS532U2		300sq               
T-235	                KDC-10		334sq               
U-06	                Fokker 50	334sq       
HA-ANI	                An-2P		Stichting Antonov   
D-EERP	                FwP149D		ex Germany 91+77    
D-EFTU	                FwP149D		ex Germany 90+73    
D-EGIT	                P149D		as AS+411           
D-EIFE	                FwP149D		ex Germany 91+08    
G-DHCC	                Chipmunk T10	ex RAF WG321
D-EEGD	                P149D		ex Germany 92+18    
RA-82068		An-124		Polet
RA-1771K, RA-3085K	Yak-52		private
RA-3326K		Yak-52		private

FA119			F-16AM		10w              
FA133	                F-16AM		10w              
MT40	                CM170		1w		red c/s  
MT48	                CM170		1w		red c/s  
RS02	                Sea King Mk48	40sm     
E152/314-LO	        Alpha Jet E	EAC00.314
E153/314-TG	        Alpha Jet E	EAC00.314
NZ7003/03	        C-130H		40sq/RNZAF       
02		        J35Ö		FlRgt 2          
XX378, XX403	        Gazelle AH1	671sq    
XZ349, ZB673	        Gazelle AH1	671sq    
XZ647/Z		        Lynx AH7	671sq    
ZG774/WK, ZG793/WM	Tornado F3	56(R)sq		spec mks
ZH892/BL		Chinook HC2A	18sq            
ZD380/28	        Harrier GR7	20(R)sq         
ZD407/38	        Harrier GR7	20(R)sq		spec mks
ZH882, ZH887	        Hercules C5	LTW             
J-5011		        F/A-18C		FlSt11                  
J-5024	                F/A-18C		FlSt11                  
T-337	                AS532UL		LtSt6                   
A-247, A-275, A-301	SE3160		300sq           
J-055			F-16AM	        311sq		demo mks
J-199			F-16AM	        311sq           
L-11, L-13		PC-7	        131EMVOsq       
Q-15			AH-64D	        301sq           
Q-30	                AH-64D	        301sq           
271	                SH-14D	        MARHELI         
G-TBRD	                CT-133AN	as "21261"  
N320SQ	                TB-25N		as "232511"         
PH-AFS	                Fokker S.11-1	ex KLu E-14 
PH-GRB	                Fokker S.11-1	ex KLu E-20 
PH-HOG	                Fokker S.11-1	ex KLu E-39 
PH-HOK	                Fokker S.11-1	ex KLu E-29 
PH-HOL	                Fokker S.11-1	ex KLu E-27 
PH-OUQ	                Spitfire LFIXc	ex MK732    
PH-PBB	                Stinson L-5B	DDA         
PH-PSI	                P-51D		ex 44-74425         

The Red Arrows with the following Hawk T1($)/T1A/T1W(#)s:
XX179#    XX233$    XX242$    XX253
XX260     XX264     XX266     XX292#
XX294$    XX306

The Royal Jordanian Falcons with the following Extra 300s:

Team Breitling with L-39Cs:

Air Power Demo (17th and 18th):
D-103, D-663		CH-47D		298sq		17    
J-002			F-16AM	        323sq	        17    
J-136, J-145, J-628	F-16AM	        313sq	        17, 18
J-205, J-643		F-16AM	        322sq	        17, 18
J-360			F-16AM	        323sq	        18    
J-620			F-16AM	        311sq	        17    
J-644, J-870		F-16AM	        313sq	        17, 18
J-650			F-16BM	        323sq	        17, 18
G-275	                C-130H-30	334sq	        17, 18
Q-04	                AH-64D		301sq	        17, 18
Q-08	                AH-64D	        301sq	        17, 18
Q-09	                AH-64D	        301sq	        17, 18
Q-10	                AH-64D	        301sq	        17, 18
Q-14	                AH-64D	        301sq	        17, 18
Q-15	                AH-64D	        301sq	        18    
Q-18	                AH-64D	        301sq	        17    
Q-19	                AH-64D	        301sq	        17, 18
Q-21	                AH-64D	        301sq	        17, 18
S-419, S-441, S-442	AS532U2	        300sq	        17, 18
S-457			AS532U2	        300sq	        17, 18
S-459			AS532U2	        300sq	        17, 18
T-264			KDC-10	        334sq	        17, 18

Flying only:
PA474/QR-M		Lancaster BI	BoBMF
P7350/XT-O		Spitfire IIa	BoBMF
PM631/S			Spitfire XIX	BoBMF

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