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Leeuwarden 1983

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Open Dag
Date: 21-10-1983
Made by: Ronny Jansen
Updated:  29-04-2015
MT14 CM170R 7/9sm  
ET-207 F-16B Esk 730  
58+67 Do-28D2 JBG38  
37+43 F-4F JG71  
43+28 Tornado IDS JBG38  
XX218/218 Hawk T1 1TWU  
XV810/X Harrier GR3 4sq  
XR760/BD Lightning F6 11sq  
XS927/BH Lightning F6 11sq  
XF382/15 Hunter F6A 1TWU  
ZA611/03 Tornado GR1 27sq  
80-0170/WR A-10A 81st TFW  
..-…./WR A-10A 81st TFW  
79-0018/CR F-15C 32nd TFS  
81-0046/CR F-15C 32nd TFS  
155599/AG-501 A-6E VA-65  
159659/AG-310 A-7E VA-66  
161430/AG-103 F-14A VF-143  
K-3030 NF-5A 313sq  
K-4002 NF-5B 313sq  
D-8245 F-104G 312sq  
D-8273 RF-104G 306sq  
C-6, C-8, C-12 F-27M 334sq  
LETS-1 F-104G LETS  
J-220, J-238 F-16A 322sq, TCA  
PH-EXD F27-200MPA for Nigerian Navy (NAF908)  
PH-KNG L-21B ex R-126  


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