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Leeuwarden 2001

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Date: 6/7 July 2001

Made by: S

Updated: 3 November 2002

JA37 Viggen, Swedish AF
The Swedish Air Force is the only user of the Saab Viggen. This specially painted example (37411/11) was at Leeuwarden to give an impressive display. On the above picture, the aircraft has just landed to demonstrate its short landing and take-off capabilities.

Photo copyright Michael Gan

MT14			CM170		1w, spec c/s                
E-107		        F-16A	        Esk730                    
ET-612		        F-16BM	        Esk730                    
U-278		        S61A-1	        Esk722                    
H-201		        H500M	        OBSHLKmp, spec mks
P-234		        AS550C2	        PVHKmp                    
3789		        F-4F	        JG73                      
2918		        MiG-29G	        JG73                      
4302		        Tornado IDS	JBG38             
4527		        Tornado IDS	MFG2              
MM7101		        AMX	        103° Gr, spec c/s         
MM7124/51-15	        AMX	        103° Gr                   
LX-N90443	        E-3A	        NAEW&CF                   
BB-32		        Saab105Ö	FlRgt3/3            
0813		        W-3WARM		1DLMW/C                     
9501		        Lancer B	Grupul 86           
932		        TA-4SU		150sq                       
938		        A-4SU	        150sq               
94-0087		        F-16C	        191 Filo            
37434/34	        JA37	        F16                 
39173/173	        JAS39A	        F10                 
XX146/GT	        Jaguar T4	54sq                
XX112/EA	        Jaguar GR3A	6sq                 
ZE206/FH	        Tornado F3	11sq                
ZE966/DX	        Tornado F3	11sq                
XV254/54	        Nimrod MR2	201sq               
84-0083		        C-21A		76th AS                     
91-0333/LN	        F-15E	        494th FS            
91-0601/LN	        F-15E	        494th FS, tiger mks 
88-26052/B	        UH-60A	        B/5-158th AVN       
A-292		        SE3160	        300sq               
B-47	                Bo105CB	        299sq               
D-103	                CH-47D	        298sq               
J-002	                F-16AM	        323sq, spec mks     
J-057	                F-16AM	        323sq               
J-063	                F-16AM	        322sq               
J-066	                F-16BM	        323sq/TGsq          
L-08	                PC-7	        131EMVOsq           
Q-10	                AH-64DN	        301sq               
S-454	                AS532U2	        300sq               
T-264	                KDC-10	        334sq               
U-01	                F-60UTA-N	334sq               
V-11	                G.1159C		334sq                       
280	                SH-14D	        MARHELI             
304	                P-3C	        MARPAT              
20 rd	                Su-20	        preserved           
ES-YLL	                L-39ZO	        ex GAF 2802         
HA-ANI	                An-2	        St. Antonov Ned.    
PH-BWA, PH-BWG	        Beech A36	KLM Luchtvaartschool
PH-SHF		        MD902		Schreiner                   
PH-SNB		        PA-34-220T	NLS                 
PH-SXD		        TB20		NLS                         

Hangar H9:
B-37			Bo105CB-4	MLM

Hangar 3:
J-010			F-16AM		323sq, as "J-818"

Hangar 4 (far side):
J-205			F-16AM		323sq
J-228			F-16A		nn

Hangar 5 (static side):
J-003, J-005   		F-16AM          nn
J-061, J-194, J-879     F-16AM          nn

Hangar 15:
110			F-16C		330 Mira
J-006, J-008		F-16AM		nn
The Greek F-16 went unservicable during a squadron exchange and was
still under repair at Leeuwarden (while the others had already returned
to Greece).

Hangar 18:
R-02			AB412SP		303sq

Hangar C43:
J-363			F-16AM		323sq

Inside exhibition tents:
J-018			F-16AM		323sq
J-226			F-16A		fuselage only

Flightline/North side:
GF-16, YG-07		Saab105Ö	FlRgt3/3
AT24			Alpha Jet E	1w
AT26			Alpha Jet E	1w, spec c/s
A154/7-IS		Jaguar A	EC01.007
E6/7-HR, E37/7-PM	Jaguar E	EC01.007
512/5-OU, 522/5-OV	Mirage 2000B	EC02.005
302			Rafale B	Dassault
2905			MiG-29G		JG73
3726			F-4F		JG73
MMX603			EF2000		Alenia, c/n DA7
1402			An-26		13PLT
9526			Lancer B	Grupul 86
37320/60		JA37		F16
37411/11		JA37		F16, spec c/s
39176/176		JAS39A		F10
94-0107			F-16D		191 Filo
XX309, XX320 		Hawk T1A	208(R)sq, spec c/s
ZD375/23		Harrier GR7	20(R)sq, spec mks
ZD378/26		Harrier GR7	20(R)sq
ZE295/AY, ZE961/AW	Tornado F3	56(R)sq
J-016			F-16AM		312sq, spec c/s
J-017			F-16AM		312sq
L-01			PC-7		131EMVOsq
PH-ACG, PH-AFS		S11-1		ex KLu 'E-36', 'E-14'
PH-DDS			DC-4-1009	DDA
PH-DHC			DHC-2 Mk1	KLu Hist Flt, as "S-9"
PH-GAU, PH-GAZ		L-21B		ex KLu 'R-181', 'R-109'
PH-HOG, PH-HOI		S11-1		ex KLu 'E-39', 'E-32'
PH-HTC			S11-1		ex KLu E-18
PH-IIB, PH-LSK		AT-16		ex KLu 'B-118', 'B-64'
PH-KLU "XS-249"		AT-16		ex KLu B-59
PH-KNR, PH-PPW		Pa-18-135	ex KLu 'R-177', 'R-122'
PH-OUQ			Spitfire LF9	KLu Hist Flt "MK732"
PH-SLO			S11-1		ex Klu E-38
PH-TBR			AT-16		as RAF "FS668"
D-EEGD			P149D		ex GAF 9218
D-EERP			P149D		ex GAF 9177
D-EFTU			FwP149D		ex GAF 9073
D-EIFE			FwP149D		ex GAF 9108
N11T			P-51D		ex USAAF '47-4425'
N320SQ			TB-25N		as NethAF "232511"
OO-YUG			Z-526M		ex YugoslavAF
RA-01276		Su-29		Redstar Aerobatics
RA-01771 		Yak-52		ex DOSAAF 92, c/n 866811
PH-ZCR			PA-18-135	ex KLu R-175

The Polish Team Orlik with PZL-130TC-1s:
016	017	024	038
040	042	044	045

The Patrouille Suisse brought the following F-5Es:
J-3082	J-3083	J-3085	J-3086
J-3088	J-3090	J-3091

And the Red Arrows with their Hawk T1/T1A/T1Ws:
XX227	XX233	XX237	XX253
XX260	XX266	XX292	XX294
XX307	XX308

A-247			SE3160		300sq
R-01, R-03		AB412SP		303sq

1024			A310-304MRT	FBS BMVg	07
146/XR			TBM700		ETEC00.065	05, 09
809			An-26		19 FMT		09
810			An-26		19 FMT		05, 06
84004/844		Tp84		F7		03, 08
T-783			Falcon 50	VIP Flt		06, 09
U-03			F-60UTA-N	334sq		06, 07
U-06			Fokker 50	334sq		05
F-GJHJ			Falcon 2000	Dassault	05, 06
I-FJTB			Ce550		Fly Jet Srl	05
PH-RPW			Bo105C          KLPD		06, 07
The Romanian An-26 (810) supporting the trip of the MiG-21s/Lancers
to Leeuwarden, departed early in the morning (around 09.00 am) on the 6th.

Air Power Demo:
G-275			C-130H-30	334sq
Q-04  			AH-64DN		301sq
Q-05			AH-64DN		302sq
S-442			AS532U2		300sq, SFOR mks
S-445, S-457		AS532U2		300sq
B-41			Bo105CB-4	299sq
B-64, B-75		Bo105CB		299sq
B-77			Bo105CB		299sq, spec c/s
D-104, D-666		CH-47D		298sq
J-136, J-138		F-16AM		315sq
J-144, J-145 		F-16AM		315sq
J-203#			F-16AM		311sq
J-207, J-208$		F-16BM		312sq
J-211			F-16BM		322sq
J-362, J-508, J-514	F-16AM		315sq
J-510			F-16AM		322sq
J-643			F-16AM		nb
J-646			F-16AM		306sq
J-650, J-657#		F-16BM		313sq
J-866$, J-870, J-871#	F-16AM		312sq
J-875			F-16AM		313sq
J-884$			F-16BM		311sq
$ = only Friday 6th
# = only Saturday 7th
The F-16s wear read during their departure from Volkel. The units are as
displayed in the squadronbadges on the tails of the F-16's as worn during the
open days.

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