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Lelystad 1993

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Date: 28 August 1993

Made by: Martijn van den Akker jr, Patrick Dirksen

Updated: 10 July 2001

F27-300M             C-10               334 Sqn
PC-7                 L-02               EMVO
SH-14B               279                860 Sqn
Chipmunk T.10        G-BDBP             "WP843/F"
Chipmunk T.10        G-BDET             ex. WP851
Vampire T.55         G-HELV             ex. U-1215 "215 RAF c/s"
Sea Devon C.20       G-SDEV             "XK895/CU-19"
Devon C.2            G-BLRN             "WB531"
Sea Fury FB.10       G-BTTA             "115/NAVY"
DH114 Heron 2        G-AORG             Jersey Airlines
P-51D                G-BIXL             "44-72216/AJ-L"
PBY-5A               G-BLSC             "9754/P"
Spitfire IX          G-HVDM             "H-25" Dutch Spitfire Flight
FWP.149D             D-EEGD             ex. 9218
P.149D               D-EERP             ex. 9477
FWP.149D             D-EONA             ex. 9216
Piagio P108          I-PJAP
AA5B Tiger           LN-KLB
An-2                 OK-UIN             Avia Special c/n 1G23345
Zlin 50              OK-XBA             Skybox Formation
Zlin 50              OK-XBB             Skybox Formation
Zlin 50              OK-XBC             Skybox Formation
Zlin 50              OK-XBD             Skybox Formation
MS.505 Criquet       OO-STO/ST-O        Vormezeele Collection
DH-82A               PH-III
F27-200              PH-SAD             F27 Frienship Assosiation
DH-82A               N82AM
B-25J                N320SQ             DoBAF
UH-12E               N504HA
Beech D.18S          N80388
Casa 1.131E          E.3B-478
Casa 1.131E          E.3B-508 / 781-28
Fokker S-11	     PH-HOL		ex KLu E-27
Fokker S-11	     1x

Flying only:
F-4F                 3707               JG 72
F-4F                 3724               JG 72
F-15C                80-0021/BT         53 FS
F-15C                80-0026/BT         53 FS
F-16A                J-624              311 Sqn
P-3C                 ...                MARPAT

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