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Rotterdam-Zestienhoven 1985

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Date: 5 May 1985

Made by: Martin Herbert


Flightline & show (*): 
FT239                 Harvard Mk4m          RAF * 
FE992                 Harvard Mk2b          RAF * 
FT391                 Harvard Mk2b          RAF * 
PZ865                 Hurricane Mk2c        BoBMF RAF * 
XX499/G               Jetstream T1          6FTS RAF 
PA474/SR-D            Lancaster B1          BoBMF RAF * 
AB910/XT-M            Spitfire Mk5b         BoBMF RAF * 
WG655/GN              Sea Fury T20          RNHF RN * 
C-10                  F27-300M              334sq RNLAF * 
301/V                 P3C                   320sq RNLN * 
HB275/N5063N          Be3TM                 RAAF WW2 c/s * 
WP651/G-WDET          Chipmunk T10          RAF c/s  * 
VP955/G-DVON          Devon C2              RAF c/s * 
JV928/Y               PBY5A                 RAF c/s * 
NH238/D-A             Spitfire Mk9c         RAF c/s * 
B-71/PH-MLM           AT16ND                RNLAF c/s * 
B-135/PH-BKT          AT16ND                RNLAF c/s * 
E-1/OO-MCH            S11-1                 RNLAF c/s * 
199/K/PH-HOG          S11-1                 RNLN c/s * 
485784/K-G            B17G                  USAAF c/s * 
G-PSID                P51D                  USAAF c/s * 
1164/G-BLGL           Be3TM                 USN c/s * 
G-AMSV, G-AMRA        DC3                   Air Atlantique * 
N4565L                DC3                   Hibernian 
241/PH-ILB            AT16ND                'DXXI-conv.' * 
PH-KLU                AT16ND                -- 
G-BMWO, BBMX          Chipmunk T10          -- * 
G-BLRN                Devon C2              -- 
G-APCU, N9508         DH82A                 -- * 
PG-671-26             DH82A                 -- * 
PH-GAZ, GAV, KNJ      Pa18-135              -- * 
PH-PSC, ZCT, AAT      Pa18-135              -- * 
PH-WDR, KNO, LWD      Pa18-135              -- * 
PH-APA                Pa18-150              -- * 
G-FIRE                Spitfire Mk14e        -- * 
PH-GRY, GRB, HOK      S11-1                 -- * 
PH-ACG, HOL, PCH      S11-1                 -- * 

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