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Scheveningen 1991

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Date: 1 June 1991

Made by: Martijn van den Akker jr


CH-136               136229             444 Sqn
CH-136               136230             444 Sqn
SA.316-III           A-536              298 Sqn
SA.316-III           H-20               SAR Flt.
SH-14C               276/K              860 Sqn
BO-105CB             B-78               299 Sqn

Flying only:
Sea King Mk.48       RS-04              40 Sm
Jet Provost T.5B     XW429/C            6 FTS
Hawk T.1             XX292              4 FTS
Tornado GR.1         ZA606              TWCU
Lynx HAS.3           ZF558/672          700 Sqn
Sea King HAS.5       ZA170/584          706 Sqn
F-111E               68-0061/UH         55 TFS
F-111E               68-..../UH         55 TFS
C.101EB              E.25-01/79-01      Team Aquila
C.101EB              E.25-07/79-07      Team Aquila
C.101EB              E.25-08/79-08      Team Aquila
C.101EB              E.25-13/79-13      Team Aquila
C.101EB              E.25-22/79-22      Team Aquila
C.101EB              E.25-25/79-25      Team Aquila
C.101EB              E.25-26/79-26      Team Aquila
F-16A                J-226              KLu Demo Team
P-3C                 302                MARPAT
SA.316-III           A-398              Grasshoppers
SA.316-III           A-453              Grasshoppers
SA.316-III           A-465              Grasshoppers
SA.316-III           A-499              Grasshoppers
S-11                 PH-ACG             Fokker Four
S-11                 PH-AFS             Fokker Four
S-11                 PH-HOG             Fokker Four
S-11                 PH-HOL             Fokker Four
AT-16ND              PH-IIB/B-118       SVGR
AT-16ND              PH-KLU/B-59        SVGR
AT-16ND              PH-LSK/B-64        SVGR
AT-16ND              PH-MLM/B-71        SVGR

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