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Twenthe 1974

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Date: 31 August 1974

Made by: Willy Metze, Ron Nieuwland


K3009                 NF-5A                        NO.315 SQN 
K3042                 NF-5A                        NO.315 SQN 
K3057                 NF-5A                        NO.315 SQN 
K4010                 NF-5B                        NO.315 SQN 
K4013                 NF-5B                        NO.315 SQN 
K4030                 NF-5B                        NO.315 SQN 
K3028                 NF-5A                        NO.    SQN        Base attack/Fly-past 
K3051                 NF-5A                        NO.    SQN        Base attack/Fly-past 
K3061                 NF-5A                        NO.    SQN        Base attack/Fly-past 
4x                    NF-5A                        NO.    SQN        Base attack/Fly-past 
2x                    NF-5B                        NO.    SQN        Base attack/Fly-past 
D8083                 F-104G                       NO.322/323 SQN 
D6666                 F-104G                       Volkel            Fly-past 
D8048                 F-104G                       Volkel            Fly-past 
D8257                 F-104G                       Volkel            Fly-past 
D8268                 F-104G                       Volkel            Fly-past 
F0070     30+15       G91R3                        LEKG43 
56-4019   GT019       F-100F                       ESK.730 
F-TFVT    2           CAP20                        FAF 
F-TFVX    04          CAP20                        FAF 
69-7558   CR          F-4E                         32TFS 
68-0405   CR          F-4E                         32TFS             Fly-past 
68-0408   CR          F-4E                         32TFS             Fly-past 
68-0411   CR          F-4E                         32TFS             Fly-past 
68-0435   CR          F-4E                         32TFS             Fly-past 
XW766     E           HARRIER GR.MK.1A             NO.3 SQN 
XW770     J           HARRIER GR.MK.1A             NO.3 SQN 
254       V           BR1150                       NO.321 SQN MLD 
213       V           SP-2H                        NO.320 SQN MLD 
55-3485   S1          U-6A BEAVER                  NO.300 SQN 
55-3587   S3          U-6A BEAVER                  NO.300 SQN 
55-3589   S5          U-6A BEAVER                  NO.300 SQN 
55-4583   S7          U-6A BEAVER                  NO.300 SQN 
55-4585   S9          U-6A BEAVER                  NO.300 SQN 
10160     C10         F27M-300                     NO.334 SQN 
54-2410   R120        L-21B                        GPLV 
54-2439   R149        L-21B                        GPLV 
54-2456   R166        L-21B                        GPLV 
54-2466   R176        L-21B                        GPLV 
54-2471   R181        L-21B                        GPLV 
54-2472   R182        L-21B                        GPLV 
54-2473   R183        L-21B                        GPLV 
1375      H75         SA316                        NO.300 SQN SAR 
1381      H81         SA316                        NO.300 SQN SAR 
1399      A399        SA316                        GPLV 
1324      A324        SA316                        GPLV 
1471      A471        SA316                        GPLV 
1491      A491        SA316                        GPLV 
1548      A548        SA316                        GPLV 
240       VN          AH12A                        NO.860 SQN MLD 

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