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Twenthe 1991

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Date: 8 June 1991

Made by: Michael Gan, Scramble, Bas van Oorschot

Updated: 4 April 2000

BD12                 Mirage 5BD              42sm 
CH09                 C-130H                  20sm 
AT-152               TF-35                   Esk729 
133542               CT-133                  1CAD 
136234               CH-136                  444sq 
188926               CF-188B                 1CAD 
MM62123/46-28        G222TCM                 2gr 
C.15-70/12-28        EF-18A                  Ala12 
T.12B-16/74-71       C212AA                  GEM 
T.19B-07/35-25       CN235                   Ala35 
3724                 F-4F                    JG72 
4497                 Tornado                 JBG33 
8051                 Bo105M                  SSt1 
8484                 CH-53G                  HFR15 
XX689/3              Bulldog T1              CFS 
XN976                Buccaneer S2B           208sq         special c/s 
ZA720/EP             Chinook HC1             7sq           desert c/s 
ZD329/AI             Harrier GR5             3sq 
ZD378/AL             Harrier GR5             3sq 
XX183/183            Hawk T1                 4FTS 
XX203/203            Hawk T1A                63sq 
XL616/D              Hunter T7               208sq 
XX970/EH             Jaguar GR1A             6sq 
XW427/67             Jet Provost T5A         1FTS 
XV490/R              Phantom FGR2            74sq 
ZA596/596            Tornado GR1             TWCU          special c/s 
ZE340/AG             Tornado F3              229OCU 
ZF268/268            Tucano T1               CFS 
80-0216/WR           A-10A                   510TFS 
81-0944/WR           A-10A                   510TFS 
83-0079              KC-10A                  2BW 
79-0073/BT           F-15C                   22TFS 
68-0013/UH           F-111E                  79TFS 
A-177                SE3160                  GpLV 
A-226                SE3160                  GpLV 
A-292                SE3160                  GpLV 
A-451                SE3160                  GpLV 
A-452                SE3160                  GpLV 
B-67                 Bo105CB                 299sq 
C-9                  F27-300M                334sq 
H-20                 SE3160                  SAR Flt 
J-005                F-16A                   nb 
J-006                F-16A                   nb 
J-011                F-16A                   313sq 
J-012                F-16A                   313sq 
J-367                F-16A                   313sq 
J-513                F-16A                   315sq 
L-03                 PC-7                    EMVO 
302                  P-3C                    MARPAT 
S-9                  DHC2                    preserved 
Q-283                F-86K                   preserved 
AT11                 Alpha Jet               9w 
AT24                 Alpha Jet               9w 
MT30                 CM170R                  33sm           special c/s 
RS04                 Sea King Mk48           40sm 
6/13-PS              Mirage 5F               EC2/13 
56/13-PL             Mirage 5F               EC2/13 
510/2-FG             Mirage 2000B            EC2/2 
513/2-FJ             Mirage 2000B            EC2/2 
E.25-51/74-07        C101EB                  GEM 
XX317/317            Hawk T1A                234sq 
XX350/350            Hawk T1A                234sq 
ZD849/CC             Tornado GR1             17sq           desert c/s 
80-0011/BT           F-15C                   22TFS 
80-0022/BT           F-15C                   22TFS 
68-0049/UH           F-111E                  79TFS 
A-398                SE3160                  Grasshoppers 
A-453                SE3160                  Grasshoppers 
A-465                SE3160                  Grasshoppers 
A-499                SE3160                  Grasshoppers 
C-2                  F27-100                 334sq 
C-3                  F27-100                 334sq 
C-7                  F27-300M                334sq 
C-8                  F27-300M                334sq 
J-010                F-16A                   313sq 
J-054                F-16A                   315sq 
J-057                F-16A                   315sq 
J-058                F-16A                   315sq/nb 
J-060                F-16A                   315sq 
J-061                F-16A                   315sq/nb 
J-063                F-16A                   315sq/nb 
J-065                F-16B                   315sq 
J-226                F-16A                   322sq          demo c/s 
J-231                F-16A                   323sq          demo c/s 
J-253                F-16A                   323sq 
J-508                F-16A                   315sq 
J-509                F-16A                   315sq 
J-510                F-16A                   nb 
J-514                F-16A                   nb 
J-515                F-16A                   nb 
L-10                 PC-7                    EMVO 
277                  SH-14C                  860sq 
D-8268               F-104G                  GIA 
D-8338               F-104G                  GIA 
K-3029               NF-5A                   preserved 

G-BSTA    	     BAe146-100    	     British Aerospace	c/n E1002
PH-EZR    	     Fokker 100              Fokker     	c/n ????

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