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Volkel 1989

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Date: 30 September 1989

Made by: Michael Gan/Scramble, Hans Moerman

Updated: 3 February 2001

The 52nd Tactical Fighter Wing of Spangdahlem painted shark teeth on this F-16C 85-1552/SP to show that this was the commander's aircraft of the Wing. The Royal Netherlands Air Force celebrated 10-years of F-16 during the open day at Volkel in 1989 and an impressive line-up of 32 F-16s was part of the static display.

Photo Mark Schenk

AT25             Alpha Jet              9w 
BA10             Mirage 5BA             8sm 
BA39             Mirage 5BA             8sm 
BR23             Mirage 5BR             42sm 
BT30             CM170R                 33sm 
RS04             Sea King Mk48          40sm 
133450           CT-133                 1CAD 
188742           CF-188A                439sq 
AR-104           S35X                   Esk729 
AT-151           Sk35XD                 Esk729 
MM6791/5-06      F-104S-ASA             102 Gr 
MM6833           F-104S-ASA             102 Gr special c/s 
XZ966/K          Harrier GR3            4sq 
XZ993/M          Harrier GR3            4sq 
XZ363/A		 Jaguar GR1		41sq
XV470/CX         Phantom FGR2           228OCU 
ZD740/DA         Tornado GR1            31sq 
80-0280/WR       A-10A                  91st TFS 
69-7579/SP       F-4G                   480th TFS 
84-0004/BT       F-15C                  36th TFW multi 
84-0017/BT       F-15C                  53rd TFS 
A-208            Alouette 3             GpLV 
B-72             Bo105CB                299sq 
H-75             Alouette 3             SAR Flight 
K-3046           NF-5A                  314sq 
K-4017           NF-5B                  314sq 
L-10             PC-7                   EMVO 
283/K            SH-14C                 860sq 

F-16 Static: 
FA17             F-16A                  349sm 
FA75             F-16A                  23sm 
FA92             F-16A                  31sm 
FA110            F-16A                  2sm 
FA111            F-16A                  1sm 
FB01             F-16B                  OCU 
E-181            F-16A                  Esk727 
E-193            F-16A                  Esk726 
E-605            F-16A                  Esk730 
E-604            F-16A                  nb 
274              F-16A                  332Skv 
298              F-16A                  338Skv 
659              F-16A                  334Skv 
712              F-16B                  331Skv 
86-0191          F-16D                  4AJU 
87-0018          F-16C                  4AJU 
84-1275/HR       F-16C                  10th TFS 
84-1305/HR       F-16C                  496th TFS 
84-1313          F-16C                  "313th TFS" 
85-1410/RS       F-16C                  526th TFS 
85-1486          F-16C                  "86th TFW" 
85-1552/SP       F-16C                  "52nd TFW" 
J-139            F-16A                  315sq 
J-144            F-16A                  313sq 
J-223            F-16A                  322sq 
J-249            F-16A                  323sq 
J-617            F-16A                  311sq 
J-640            F-16A                  306sq 
J-866            F-16A                  314sq 
J-878            F-16A                  312sq 
J-880            F-16A                  316sq 
J-259            F-16B                  nb "10 years F-16" c/s 

Inside tents: 
B-48             Bo105CB                299sq 
J-631            F-16A                  306sq 
J-874            F-16A                  312sq 

D-8063           F-104G                 instr 
J-258            F-16A                  311sq 
J-646            F-16A                  306sq 
J-873            F-16A                  312sq 

D-5805           TF-104G 
I-189/7E-5       Meteor F8 
K-6/TP-26        F-84E 
N-122            Hunter F4 
P-248            F-84F 

AT29             Alpha Jet              9w 
188766           CF-188A                439sq 
510/2-FG         Mirage 2000B           EC2/2 
513/2-FJ         Mirage 2000B           EC2/2 
LX-N90442        E-3A                   NAEWF 
80-0171/WR       A-10A                  91st TFS 
81-0951/WR       A-10A                  91st TFS 
61-0286          EC-135H                10th ACCS 
80-1085          TR-1A                  95th RS 
A-350            Alouette 3             Grasshoppers 
A-390            Alouette 3             Grasshoppers 
A-398            Alouette 3             Grasshoppers 
A-465            Alouette 3             Grasshoppers 
A-275            Alouette 3             GpLV 
A-336            Alouette 3             GpLV 
A-489            Alouette 3             GpLV 
A-529            Alouette 3             GpLV 
C-2              F27-100                334sq 
C-3              F27-100                334sq 
C-7              F27-300M               334sq 
C-8              F27-300M               334sq 
J-063            F-16A                  315sq 
J-508            F-16A                  315sq 
J-637            F-16A                  306sq 
L-01             PC-7                   EMVO 
301/V            P-3C                   320sq 

Mass take-offs: 
J-192            F-16A                  311sq 
J-195            F-16A                  311sq 
J-202            F-16A                  315sq 
J-203            F-16A                  315sq 
J-206            F-16A                  315sq 
J-232            F-16A                  323sq 
J-616            F-16A                  311sq 
J-620            F-16A                  311sq 
J-622            F-16A                  311sq 
J-623            F-16A                  311sq 
J-635            F-16A                  306sq 
J-636            F-16A                  306sq 
J-637            F-16A                  306sq 
J-638            F-16A                  306sq 
J-641            F-16A                  306sq 
J-642            F-16A                  306sq 
J-643            F-16A                  306sq 
J-644            F-16A                  306sq 
J-647            F-16A                  306sq 
J-648            F-16A                  306sq 
J-649            F-16B                  306sq 
J-651            F-16B                  312sq 
J-652            F-16B                  311sq 
J-654            F-16B                  311sq 
J-868            F-16A                  312sq 
J-871            F-16A                  312sq 
J-875            F-16A                  312sq 
J-876            F-16A                  312sq 
J-877            F-16A                  312sq 
J-879            F-16A                  312sq 
J-882            F-16B                  312sq 
J-885            F-16B                  315sq 

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