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Wezep 2007

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Date: 2/9 June 2007

Made by: Scramble


J-632 			F-16AM 		322sq 		2nd
Q-08, Q-13 		AH-64D 		301sq 		2nd
S-445, S-459 		AS532U2 	300sq 		2nd
266 			SH-14D 		MARHELI 	2nd
73+48 			UH-1D 		THR10 		2nd
86+25, 87+28 		Bo105P1 	HFVAS100 	2nd
86+45, 86+97 		Bo105P1 	KHR36 		2nd
PH-RPZ 			Bo105CBS-4 	KLPD 		9th
The open days of the Royal Netherlands Army took place in
two different weekends on 2 and 9 June. Almost all helicopters
operated from Soesterberg, except for the Navy Lynx and the
Bo105 of the KLPD. A tragic accident occurred on the 2nd
when a soldier was dragged along with a rope that was
connected to the departing Lynx helicopter. Apparently he was
not disconnected from the rope yet after abseiling from the
helicopter, when the helicopter started to fly away from the
scene. The soldier died in hospital because of his injuries.
Due to bad weather, the Air Mobility demonstration was
cancelled on the 9th.

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