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Ohakea 1978

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Date: 1 April 1978

Made by:


NZ3553 		Dakota 		ex 42Sqdn         
NZ7623          Andovr CC1 	42Sqdn        
NZ7628          Andover C(VIP)1 42Sqdn   
NZ1936          Airtourer 	PFS (also flew)
NZ6373          Strikemaster 	14Sqdn      
NZ6751          TA-4K 		75Sqdn             
A8-128          F-111C 		RAAF 1Sqdn        
Hangar Display:
NZ1034 		Harvard 	FE-7/2OTU                       
NZ6361          Strikemaster 	14Sqdn
NZ6368          Strikemaster 	14Sqdn
NZ6372          Strikemaster 	14Sqdn
NZ6202          A-4K 		75Sqdn
NZ6208          A-4K 		75Sqdn
14Sqdn Hangar:
NZ6365 		Strikemaster 	14Sqdn                
NZ6206          A-4K 		75Sqdn                        
NZ3538          Dakota 		stored, ex 42Sqdn 
NZ3547          Dakota 		stored, ex 42Sqdn 
NZ1845          Tiger Moth 	49/11(ATC)Sqdn (ZK-DAM) 
42Sqdn Hangar:
NZ7621 		Andover CC1 	1Sqdn                  
NZ3542          Dakota 		stored, ex 42Sqdn
NZ3546          Dakota 		stored, ex 42Sqdn
NZ1813          Devon C1 	42Sqdn
NZ1819          Devon C1 	42Sqdn
75Sqdn Hangar:
NZ6205 		A-4K 		75Sqdn
NZ7627 		Andover CC1 	1Sqdn               
NZ6201          A-4K 		75Sqdn
NZ6203          A-4K 		75Sqdn
NZ6209          A-4K 		75Sqdn
NZ6252          TA-4K 		75Sqdn
NZ6253          TA-4K 		75Sqdn
A8-145          F-111C 		RAAF 1Sqdn               
Flying Display:
NZ7629 		Andover CC1 	1Sqdn                               
NZ1960          Airtrainer 	PFS                                  
NZ6363          Strikemaster 	14Sqdn
NZ6364          Strikemaster 	14Sqdn
NZ6366          Strikemaster 	14Sqdn
NZ6369          Strikemaster 	14Sqdn

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