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Whenuapai 2009

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Date: 21 March 2009

Made by:


A97-465			C-130J-30		37sq            
A21-33			F/A-18A		        75sq            
066/52-ID		CN235M-200	        ETOM00.052      
99-0167/AK		C-17A		        517th AS/ AK ANG
NZ4202			P-3K		        5sq             
NZ4205			P-3K		        5sq             
NZ4203			P-3K		        5sq (in hangar) 
NZ7002			C-130H		        40sq #          
NZ7005			C-130H		        40sq            
NZ7572			B757-2K2	        40sq            
NZ1988			CT4E		        CFS/PTS         
NZ1984			Beech B200	        42sq            
NZ3602			SH-2G		        6sq             
NZ3705			B-47G-3B-1	        3sq #           
NZ3805			UH-1H		        3sq #           
VH-ZZE			DHC-8-315	        Customs         
ZK-XVL			Learjet	35A	        AAL             
# also flying

Flightline 1:
A21-11			F/A-18A			2OCU
NZ7571			B757-2K2		40sq
NZ7001			C-130H			40sq
NZ4201			P-3K			5sq
NZ4306			P-3K			5sq
NZ1882			Beech B200		4sq
NZ1883			Beech B200		42sq
NZ3801			UH-1H			3sq
NZ3808			UH-1H			3sq
NZ3815			UH-1H			3sq
NZ3702			Bell-47G-B-1		3sq

Flightline 2:
NZ1985			CT 4E			CFS/PTS
NZ1987			CT 4E			CFS/PTS
NZ1991			CT 4E			CFS/PTS
NZ1992			CT 4E			CFS/PTS
NZ1993			CT 4E			CFS/PTS
NZ1994			CT 4E			CFS/PTS
NZ1995			CT 4E			CFS/PTS
NZ1996			CT 4E			CFS/PTS
NZ1997			CT 4E			CFS/PTS
NZ1015			Harvard IIA		Historical Flight
ZK-AKU			DH89B			ex NZ 528
ZK-BLI			DH82A			ex NZ1448
ZK-COR			FG-1D			ex 92844, USN ?
ZK-CPG			Light T6/24-150		ex NZ1762
ZK-DAK "NZ3546"		C-47B			ex 43-49219, USAAF
ZK-DGY/01		CT 4			private (RNZAF c/s)
ZK-DHW			DH.104			private
ZK-ENF			Harvard III		ex NZ1065
ZK-FYA			L-19A			ex 51-16903, USAR
ZK-JJA			Harvard IIA		ex NZ1053
ZK-JMV			CT4B			ex NZ1935
ZK-JTL			A-37B			ex 854, SVietnamAF
ZK-LIZ			Yak-52			ex Russia 	844413
ZK-MJN			Harvard IIA		ex NZ1052
ZK-PBY			PBY-5			ex NZ4017
ZK-PTE			Yak-52			ex Ukraine 	9010311
ZK-RFS			Chipmunk T10		ex WB693/S, RAF
ZK-RVM "NZ5712"		Vampire FB6		ex U-1225 Swiss AF
ZK-TAF "NZ4215"		P-51D			ex 44-74829/USAAF
ZK-TVI			Harvard IIA		ex NZ1057
ZK-TYS			Yak 52			ex Russia 	822809
ZK-VLK			L-39C			ex Ukraine 	332630
ZK-WAR			Harvard III		ex NZ1092
ZK-WFI			N1102			private,Luftwaffe c/s
ZK-YAK			Yak-52			ex Russia 	9712002
ZK-YAQ			Yak-52			ex Russia 	844515
ZK-YNZ			Yak 52			private 	9611914
ZK-ZAY			Yak-52			ex Russia 	9111602

NZ7624			Andover C1		i/a
150154			SH-2F			i/a (ex USN)

Inside SH-2G hangar:
NZ3603, NZ3604, NZ3605 	SH-2G 			6Sq

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