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Wonsan-Kalma Airport 2016

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Wonsan-Kalma Airport (Republic of North Korea)

Wonsan International Friendship Air Festival

20 - 21 September 2016

For the first time in its history an airshow was organized in the Democratic People’s      
Republic of Korea. Starting with an initiative of the for North Korea tours well established      
British Tour operator Juche Travel Services, North Korean officials embraced the idea in order      
to promote the Wonsan area as an upcoming foreign tourist location. The result was a well      
organized air festival at the recently renovated Kalma airport, with a fluently exercised      
air display and a very interesting side program.      
The foreign visitors and about 15,000-20,000 spectators each day had the opportunity to walk      
freely over the festival terrain, check the many vendor locations and drink whatever was presented.      
Of course this opportunity was only taken by the many spotters after the flying displays. During      
the displays the foreigners were allowed to walk almost freely to get the best shots with the      
sun from the right direction. A true example for many European airshows!      
The first day of the festival consisted of two display periods of two hours during which the Air      
Koryo aircraft present made fly-pasts and/or touch and go’s, alternated by the military aircraft      
that presented more vivid displays. The airshow consisted of a solo display of the MiG-29S,      
a Su-25K, Mi-8MTV-1 and an H500 and a formation display of four H500s, three Su-25Ks and two      
MiG-21s. The latter two were flown by the very famous Flowers in the Sky, being two 21 year old      
female pilots, one of which (Jo Kum-Hyang) made a widely publicized firm landing with aircraft      
42 that proved in mint condition during close inspection in the static display next day.      
The second day the festival continued with parachute jumps from the Mi-8Ts (including spotters doing      
tandem-jumps) and radio-controlled model-flying including a Thunderbirds F-16 (!) in the morning.      
The majority of the day was filled with pleasure flights by spotters with all available transport      
aircraft and helicopters, including the Air Force Mi-8Ts and An-2s! Again with optimal photo      
locations for the foreigners not flying.      
In line with the habit of Korea of showing the polished side of the country, the majority of the civil      
and military aircraft recently had received a new coat of paint, many of which including a big red      
rectangle plaque to indicate the aircraft was inspected by Kim Yung-Un or even late Kim Yung-Il back in      
1988 (Su-25K 49 on 17 August 1988).      
Given the success of this years show it is very likely that the festival will be organized again in 2017.      
Both Pyongyang Aero Club aircraft didn’t carry any markings, other than the North Korean flag in the tail.      
The P-750 was still on the Chinese register being delivered earlier this year to Free Sky Aviation,      
although details are unknown. Some of the An-2s on show were among the 140 units delivered in the early      
70’s from the Polish production line. Given the serials it can be expected that the other two Antonovs      
were of Chinese origin, hence Y-5. One MiG-29S (type 9-13) proved extra interesting as it had been      
observed recently as MiG-29B version (Type 9-12).      
621 An-2/Y-5 KPAAF flying
622 An-2/Y-5 KPAAF spare
952 An-2T KPAAF 1G129-52 flying
28 Su-25K KPAAF 10248 flying
45 Su-25K KPAAF 10245 flying
49 Su-25K KPAAF 10149 flying/static
57 Su-25K KPAAF 10257 flying
42 Su-25K KPAAF spare
231 MD500E KPAAF spare
234 MD500E KPAAF flying
240 MD500E KPAAF flying
248 MD500E KPAAF spare
255 MD500E KPAAF  
492 MD500E KPAAF 0092E flying/static
42 MiG-21bis KPAAF 75014205/1004 flying/static
53 MiG-21bis KPAAF 75014513 flying
92 MiG-21bis KPAAF spare
550 MiG-29B KPAAF (25755)/3601 static
555 MiG-29S KPAAF flying
303 Mi-8T KPAAF flying
312 Mi-8T KPAAF flying
911 Mi-8T KPAAF flying
847 Mi-8MTV-1 KPAAF (96022) flying
P-537 An-24B Air Koryo flying
P-552 Tu-154B Air Koryo flying
P-813 Tu-134B-3 Air Koryo flying
P-835 Il-18D Air Koryo flying
P-885 Il-62M Air Koryo flying
P-913 Il-76TD Air Koryo flying
- - P-750 XStoll-III Pyongyang Air Club flying
- - Alpi 400 Pyongyang Air Club flying

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