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Skopje 2023

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Skopje (North Macedonia)

Skopje Aeroclub 100 Years

16 September 2023

MM7343/(36-50) F-2000A 936° GEA  
14501 H145M (H-50) 119.mhe Serbia
18207 MiG-29 (9-13) 101.lae Serbia
18352 MiG-29UB (9-51) 101.lae Serbia
54210 Lasta 95 (V-54) 252.shtae Serbia
54212 Lasta 95 (V-54) 252.shtae Serbia
302 Mi-17   North Macedonia AF
308 Mi-8MTV-2   North Macedonia AF
MAP-7750 AB206B-2 Policija North Macedonia AF
MAP-7752 Bell 412EP Policija North Macedonia AF
Z3-BGT AT-802AF PRD Protection and Rescue Directorate (NM)
Z3-BGU AT-802AF PRD Protection and Rescue Directorate (NM)
Z3-BGV AT-802AF PRD Protection and Rescue Directorate (NM)
Z3-MKD Lj60 Gvmt Republic of North Macedonia
F-HMTM Extra 330SC    
HA-LZP A321-271NX Wizzair  
N722ST DA40 Diamond Star  
OE-EDM Ce208 Red Bull only 15-09
OE-EMM T-28B Red Bull  
YU-4109 Lindenka    
Z3-4008 Jastreb Vuk-T    
Z3-5004 Let L23 Super Blanik    
Z3-DAB Ce172N Skyhawk 100  
Z3-DAD Ce172L    
Z3-DAE Ce172M    
Z3-DAH Ce182H    
Z3-DAK P-68B    
Z3-DAL PA-28-181    
Z3-DAM P-68B    
Z3-DAP P-68B    
Z3-DAS Mooney M20K 231    
Z3-DAT Mooney M20K 231    
Z3-DCF Utva75 ex mil  
Z3-DCG Utva75 ex mil  
Z3-DCL CeF172M    
Z3-DCS Zlin Z143L    
Z3-DCX Champion 7GCBC Citabria    
Z3-DCY Champion 7GCBC Citabria    
Z3-UA-010 Piperstrel virus sw    
Z3-UA-011 Pipestrel alpha trainer    
Z3-UA-012 Pipestrel alpha trainer    
Z3-UA-050 Aero East Europa Sila 450c    

Credits: Internet

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